MTT 149 / Course Correct

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MTT149 Spectrogram

An hour of fast space electro for the first show of 2020. A return to some of the tracks I played in the first few weeks of this program.

This mix (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. The Black Dog / DISinformation Desk 00:00
  2. Shann-X / Trip To The Moon 01:41
  3. Koova / Code 04:56
  4. E.M.S. / Illusion Mode 08:39
  5. T.E.S.T. / Feel 12:15
  6. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O. / Excellence Of Execution 15:19
  7. The Martian / Sunchaser 18:10
  8. Scape One / Base 10 20:39
  9. Microlith / Remember Members 23:45
  10. 96 Back / 000 28:18
  11. Drexciya / Ociya Syndor 30:55
  12. Morphology / Gray Code 35:53
  13. E.R.P. / Ancient Light 39:20
  14. Plant43 / Slate Grey Sky 43:09
  15. Star-Kid / Star Seed 46:58
  16. Cygnus / Extra Terrestrials 49:07
  17. Gosub / The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics Remix) 52:56
  18. Siesta Foundsystem / Sum Of No Experiences 56:59

As mentioned in the intro, I picked up a bunch of releases from the excellent CPU Records recently during their end of year sale. Tracks 9, 10, 14, and 16 are all from those releases. Remember Members by Microlith, 000 by 96 Back, Slate Grey Sky by Plant43, and Extra Terrestrials by Cygnus, respectively. I think it's safe to say CPU are one of the better known modern electro labels, along with maybe Bass Agenda, Brokntoys, and the revived Electrix. CPU is consistently great, with 70+ releases to flip through, so go check them out at the link(s) above.

My favorite single track this week is Drexciya's Ociya Syndor. I've linked to Grava 4 at Clone's bandcamp page above, but the copy played in this mix is actually from the Drexcyen R.E.S.T. Principle 12" also on Clone. It's a tough tune, love the sort-of call & response between the bass and that buzzy sound.

I've played a lot of this on the show before (I'm going to have to put that Gosub album away for a while...) but hopefully that can be excused. It felt like time to rock out to something familiar.

I'll be back next week with more; something slower, I think.


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