MTT 143 / In My Bubble

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MTT143 Spectrogram

More wandering, more electro and IDM. Slower tempo than last week.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. The Darkvoid Project / Open Eye Dreaming 00:00
  2. The Pad Foundation / Dream Sequence 04:45
  3. Autopilot / Pornscratcher In Paradise 07:53
  4. Jónbjörn / Salmiak 11:59
  5. The Wee DJs / Ripoff 15:59
  6. Fleck E.S.C. / Sleepless Pt. 2 17:35
  7. RD / Likwood 20:11
  8. Bitstream / Vic Twenty 26:20
  9. Kero / Drop (Lowfish's Killed & Rekilled Mix) 30:20
  10. Jean-Paul Bondy / L.A. Is Burning 33:46
  11. Überzone / Botz (Elektro) 37:26
  12. Babel / Shaman 40:48
  13. Autechre / Are Y Are We? 44:08
  14. The Outsider / Hitcher 47:36
  15. Sigma Algebra / Pi 51:51
  16. Silicon Scally / Moment 53:43
  17. The Exaltics / Outroduction 58:47

This hour features two tracks from the big Elektrodos compilations. Track 14 Hitcher by The Outsider is from the first comp, and track 15 Pi by Sigma Algebra is from the second. Both comps are good, and listed as free ("name your price"), with proceeds going toward running the label. Looking now I see there's a third volume in the series; I'll have to pick that up...

Blogariddims episode 13 Electronicack: 1 by Droid & Slug is where I first heard the combination of track 12 Shaman and track 13 Are Y Are We?. That's a very good episode of an already good mix series, so check it out. They transitioned better than I did with some good chops (whereas I wiffed the tempo matching and had to save it).

The first four tracks of this show seem particularly good to me on second listen. I guess that's what I'm in the mood for. Next week's show will be on Thanksgiving, the day after I play the arcade, so expect something slow and low-effort.


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