MTT 142 / Making Rules

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MTT142 Spectrogram

Wandering through some ~130 BPM electro, IDM, and techno this show. Not a cohesive selection, but good tracks.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. Axiom 23 / Above The Sky 00:00
  2. Tracey / Transit 00:59
  3. Contactless / Robot Wreckin' Krew 05:37
  4. Drexciya / You Don't Know 09:18
  5. Nullptr / Reflector 11:17
  6. E Davd / Wavestation (Nu Cycle Mix) 14:35
  7. Boulderhead / Configuration System 19:16
  8. Inigo Kennedy / Squirkle 22:20
  9. ADJ / Bang The Beat 25:08
  10. DJ これからの緊急災害 / Memory Replace 27:37
  11. Silicon Scally / Thrusters 31:33
  12. Bass Kittens / Silent Running (Soc Mix) 35:00
  13. The Wee DJs / Base 37:58
  14. Tactical Systems / Octodes 41:10
  15. Doctor Evil / Temporary 43:37
  16. Derek Michael / Wasted Again 46:20
  17. Koova / Surveillance Nation 49:10
  18. Composite Profuse / CRC666 53:21
  19. Overmono / Yell0w_Tail 57:47

There's some fun weirdness in the middle of this hour. Boulderhead's Configuration System from NV020 on Neo Violence records. Inigo Kennedy's 2012 wonky techno track Squirkle from his personal label Asymmetric. Memory Replace by DJ これからの緊急災害, another piece from Phalanx Pt. 2 on Typeless Records.

After that it moves into some glitchy noisy 2000s electro/IDM. A few tracks from Touchin' Bass (#13, #15), Wasted Again from Detroit Underground, and the Justin Maxwell ("Soc") mix of Silent Running by Bass Kittens. I've got the 2006 clear vinyl reissue of that last release; I'll get around to playing the Volum remix on the A-side someday.

This selection sounds OK, but could've used more time in the oven. I think I'll do something slower next week. Noisy stuff again, maybe.


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