Renoise 3.2 on FreeBSD

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Renoise 3.2 (Linux x86_64 build) running on FreeBSD 12.0:

Renoise 3.2 running on FreeBSD

The procedure to achieve this is the same that I outlined in this 2017 blog post. This time I was able to get the 64-bit build to work (which is a good thing, because there will be no more 32-bit builds going forward).

To repeat the instructions, in short: enable the FreeBSD linux binary compat feature as per the handbook, install the linux-c7 metaport, find or compile a version of jack1 compatible with CentOS 7 x86_64, install that copy of jack in your /compat/linux directory, edit your $HOME/.jackdrc (see here for an example), then renoise should work with jack sound. I used the jack1 git master version and compiled it myself in a CentOS 7 virtual machine.

It's annoying to do (I spent four hours on this and hit multiple roadblocks), but works perfectly once done. With the same catch as before, no MIDI features are available.

Posting to report that at least one person has gotten this to work. Twice, even.


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