MTT 122 / Now Drift

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MTT122 Spectrogram

A bit of slow-ish music to relax with after playing the arcade. Downtempo, electro, IDM, a bit of ambient.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

  1. The Black Dog / Empty Seat Calculations 00:00
  2. STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ / Sacred (Grove) 02:33
  3. Scape One / I Program 05:10
  4. Pawel / Baked Beans Please 2 09:39
  5. The Pad Foundation / Elastoplast 14:08
  6. B12 / Basic Emotion 19:02
  7. Scape One / Pure Logic 23:29
  8. D'Arcangelo / Stepping Out 27:11
  9. Jacobean / Ringa Ringa Roses 30:31
  10. Monomorph / Edalb 33:38
  11. Acid Elf / Easy Night Acid 35:20
  12. Axiom 23 / Hidden Lagoon 38:32
  13. DJ R21 / Illumination 42:19
  14. Autechre / Flutter [33RPM] 47:28
  15. E.M.S. / I Take My Time 52:04
  16. DMX Krew / Jet Lag 57:20

I mentioned Axiom 23's Origins last week; it's much better than I first thought. Hidden Lagoon features in this mix, and Higher Communication was waiting in the wings if I needed to fill out time. It's an album I'll be returning to over the summer, for sure.

The copy of Mask 500 played here is the 2009 bootleg. I picked mine up used at 360 Vinyl. I've never compared it to a 1999 original, but I suspect the bootleg sounds a little faded and noisy in comparison. It's good enough for me, though; having those tracks at all is a big deal.

I don't have too much to say beyond that this week. Flutter by Autechre played at 33 sounds great, and I suspect a lot of people listen to it that way by default. I'm glad to have worked in some B12 again, I don't listen to them often enough.

And I need to stop opening shows by saying "I'm tired", heh. That's slowly crossing the line from amusing to annoying, even if it is true.


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