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MTT 181 / Block To Block

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MTT181 Spectrogram

Tough loud electro and electro bass up around 135 BPM. Most of it from Florida. I might be working out some aggression here. Features tracks by Dynamix II, Code Rising, Ohverclock, Phonotronix, a few DJ Wreck (AKA Salim Rafiq AKA Gucci Bass) remixes, and more.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

This post wast updated on 2020/10/12.

  1. Eggfooyoung / Lake Oceola 00:00
  2. AS1 / These Dirty Streets 01:20
  3. DJ Overdose / The Beat 03:56
  4. Exzakt / More Bounce To The Ounce 07:44
  5. Netzwerk Florida / Earth.Wind.Fire (Instrumental) 10:37
  6. Hydraulix / Hydrospace 13:34
  7. Code Rising / Retro Miami 17:32
  8. Drop Man / And The Beat Goes 21:07
  9. Otto Von Schirach / Bass Low (Gucci Bass Rmx) 23:59
  10. E.V.A.C. / Terra (Salim Rafiq's Anti Terra-rist Remix) 26:51
  11. Brice Kelly / The Unseen 29:57
  12. Ohverclock / Rezonation (Beat Mix) 33:32
  13. Tricky D / Take It To The Max (Hydraulix Remix) 36:38
  14. Code Rising vs Phonotronix / Fathom 40:13
  15. T.E.S.T. / Heat Levels Critical 42:29
  16. Ghostlight / Signal Stream (Inhuman Designed Remix) 45:14
  17. Phonotronix / In-sub-or-di-nate 48:54
  18. Dynamix II / Pledge Your Allegiance To Electro Funk 53:00

Tracks 3, 5, and 18 (The Beat, Earth.Wind.Fire, and Pledge Your Allegiance) are all from Exzakt's record label Monotone. Exzakt himself appears twice in this mix, with More Bounce To The Ounce and the previously mentioned Earth.Wind.Fire. I'm a big fan of Monotone, and am happy to see they've been active again in the last few years. (Brice Kelly has a new album on Monotone that seems pretty rad).

Discogs tells me that Salim Rafiq is half of Gucci Bass, the remixers of track 9 Bass Low by Otto Von Schirach. That forms a fun connection with the next song Terra (Salim Rafiq Mix) by E.V.A.C. - same remixer, 16 years apart. Both are good remixes, and seem to fit well together.

Ryan Phillips AKA Kounterakt appears three times in this mix, twice as a member of Code Rising and once as a member of Ohverclock. I had Mind, Body, and Soul from Electro Endeavours Vol. 2 queued up too, but didn't get to it. Top tunes all.

Phonotronix also appears three times: track 14 Fathom with Code Rising, track 17 In-sub-or-di-nate, and track 16 Signal Stream as Ghostlight (with Cloak), although that last one is remixed by Inhuman Designed.

I feel like there's a whole modern electrobass scene here, one that isn't talked about much on the outlets and discussion forums I follow. I've got a bunch of this style from the 2000s period - Debonaire Records, Exceleration, Frajile, Monotone. Then 2008-2015 gave us Bass Frequency Productions, Black Magic US, and CHP Recordings (that I'm aware of). I'm not sure what's going on right now; I know Monotone and Frajile Recordings are active, but that's it. I'm excited to see where the Florida electrobass sound goes this decade. I'm hoping for a return to a more minimal, spare, synth-y sound, more like the early 2000s.

And now I've talked too much. I love playing this stuff but it only ever feels appropriate in the summer months, August in particular. I had a track cued up to play after Pledge Your Allegiance but the timing didn't quite work with the vocal outro, unfortunately. I'll be back next week, same time and place, with something faster.

MTT 180 / Make Steps

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MTT180 Spectrogram

Summer electro at ~126. West coast, east coast, Detroit, Germany, and a whole pile of Miami bass.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

This post wast updated on 2020/10/12.

  1. Industrial Bass Machine / Prepare For Invasion 00:00
  2. Eurobass Express / Bass In Your Face (Quad Attack Dub) 01:03
  3. Aux 88 / Sonic Boom 04:32
  4. Breezy Beat MC / Shake The Joint 07:35
  5. Bass 305 / Ultimate Bass Challenge (Mega Low Speaker Annihilation) 10:59
  6. Beat Dominator / Feel The Music 13:00
  7. Bass Master A.C.E / Totally Bass 16:44
  8. Dynamix 2 ft. Kidd Money / Feel The Bass 19:28
  9. MC ADE / Bass Mechanic 22:26
  10. Iceman Ja / Dance Transformers 25:41
  11. Dynamix II / Bass Generator 30:36
  12. Afro-Rican / Give It All You Got (Instrumental) 35:29
  13. The Get Funky Crew / Shake Them Titties (Titty Beats) 37:21
  14. Old School Players / 120 BPM 38:22
  15. Supreme.ja & Debonaire / Battle Droid (Bonus Beatz) 40:31
  16. Michna / Quadruple Gold Dipped 44:29
  17. Keisha Boom / Just Dance (Cameron Paul Remix) 47:08
  18. The Unknown DJ / Break Down (Dance Your Pants Off) (Wicked Mix) 50:39
  19. Maggotron / The Bass That Ate Miami (Soundchasers & Hydraulix Remix) 53:09
  20. Danny D & DJ Wiz / Get On Up And Dance (Wicked Mix) 56:52

Most of these are tracks played before on this radio show, and tracks I've been playing for years in general. Longtime favorites of mine. These selections aren't all strictly from Florida, so this is more of a mood, a bass attitude.

I do want to draw attention to one record, though, and that's Miami Bass Classics 5 on Wicked Mix, where the special mixes of tracks 18 and 20 come from. It's a remix service record that I picked up at Platinum Records some time in the early 2000s. As it says on the label: "DJ USE ONLY, NOT FOR PUBLIC DISPLAY OR COMMERCIAL USE". The mixes all work to make the tracks sound much more west-coast to me, breaks and electro by way of California. (Even the Unknown DJ track sounds somehow more west-coast). I like it; I like these versions more now than when I first bought the record.

I'll be back next week with more bass and some of my favorite 2000s Florida electro records. Faster and tougher than the music in this hour. Will try to be less lethargic on the mic, and will also try to leave myself enough time to read the tracklist in full. The usual time and place, live on aNONradio Thursday night PDT (Friday morning UTC).

MTT 131 / Harmonical Sound

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MTT131 Spectrogram

Closing out bass month with 90 BPM Miami bass, electro, and some lazy DJ-ing.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

This post was updated on 2020/10/05.

  1. Bass Society / Prelude 00:00
  2. Beat Dominator / Music's Hypnotizing 01:21
  3. 2 Live Crew / Ghetto Bass 05:04
  4. MC Shy D / It's Just My Caddy (Vocal) 09:39
  5. Gucci Crew II / Gucci Bass 12:45
  6. M-4 Sers / Leave Me Alone 18:43
  7. Iceman Ja / Dead Or Alive 22:38
  8. Bass 305 / Digital Dreams (Mid Tempo Digital Bass Version) 27:27
  9. Dagobert / On The Run (Dreamix) 32:21
  10. Headnoaks / Ice Crystal Lattice 35:01
  11. Bass Society / Bass Society 39:59
  12. Bass 305 / Hip Hop Groove (Sample Symphomovement 305) 42:50
  13. Dynamix II / Purple Beats [Color Beats] 45:54
  14. Aux 88 / Fly By Night 49:11
  15. Dynamix II / Give It To Em 54:41
  16. Dynamix II / Addicted To Bass 59:23

I don't have too much to say about this selection - it's exactly what it looks like. Some car audio bass from Bass 305, Bass Society, Beat Dominator, and Dynamix II. Proper Miami bass (complete with rapping!) from 2 Live Crew, MC Shy D, Gucci Crew II, M-4 Sers, and Iceman Ja. Then a few odd pieces to glue it together. (Including the excellent Fly By Night by Aux 88, the final track on Bass Magnetic).

This is a very lazy set - most of these tracks are played from beginning to end - but the music is good, so maybe I can be excused. There is one rude edit at 55:54, done to make Give It To Em longer so I wouldn't need to play another track. I've got some recent purchases queued up to play next week (and next month), so check back for that.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / August 2019

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Megaphysics and I played our regular night at Ground Kontrol Arcade last night! Another August bass night at the arcade come and gone.

Megaphysics took the opening slot; here's his tracklist:

  1. Old School Players / Trans Europe Express ~9:00 PM
  2. Aux 88 / I Need To Find Myself
  3. MC ADE And Posse / Bass Rock Express
  4. Hardhouse / 11:55 (Bee Boys Club)
  5. Bass Boy / Bass Boy Crazy
  6. Davy DMX / The DMX Will Rock
  7. Princess M.C. / Pump Up The Funk (Party Mix)
  8. Eggfooyoung / Bass Bin
  9. J. Grey / Miami (Vocal)
  10. Ice-T / Body Rock
  11. DX-J And The Bassonlians / Bassonlian Conquest
  12. Nayobe / Second Chance For Love (E-Mu Dub)
  13. La Flavour / Mandalay (Bonus Beats)
  14. Batch Sound / The Chase Is On (Hard Cuttin' Remix)
  15. Sound Of Mind / SDB
  16. Pretty Tony / Get Some
  17. Afro-Rican / Kool
  18. Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew ft. Special K.M.C. / Now Dance (Vocal)
  19. Pretty Tony / Jam The Box
  20. Dimples Tee / Jealous Fellas (Vocal)
  21. J.D.C. / Jealous Girls
  22. Kan3da / GBG
  23. The Unknown Soldier / The Streets
  24. The X-Men / It's More Fun To Sample
  25. Maggotron / The Bassman Rides
  26. Drexciya / Unknown Journey I
  27. MC ADE / How Much Can You Take
  28. Erik Travis / Turn It Up
  29. EPG / Party Rock (Assimilation Mix)
  30. Iceman Ja / Mega Jon's Bass (Vocal)
  31. Debbie Deb / When I Hear Music
  32. Kraftwerk / House Phone
  33. A Number Of Names / Sharevari (Vocal)
  34. The Bass Project / Punk Mother
  35. Keisha Boom / Just Dance (Cameron Paul Remix)
  36. Bassman & DJ Lace / It Takes Two
  37. Afro-Rican / Give It All You Got (Instrumental)
  38. Beat Dominator / Time Becomes A Loop
  39. DJ Smurf / I Don't Wanna Go On
  40. Beat Dominator / 1,2,3,4,5,6 Bass (Dominating Remix '94)
  41. DMX Krew / DMX Bass
  42. Erik Travis / We Keep Them Rockin
  43. Underground Resistance / Kill My Radio Station
  44. DMX Krew & Mandroid / Nightmare (Mandroid Remix)
  45. Kraftwerk / Tour De France

I played the second half of the night. Here's my list:

  1. T.E.S.T. & Excel / Don't Try This At Home ~11:30 PM
  2. Brice Kelly / Pushbutton Flipswitch
  3. Vintage Future / Antimatter Premium Unleaded
  4. Supreme.ja & Debonaire / Battle Droid (Bonus Beatz)
  5. Techmaster P.E.B. / Listen To The Music
  6. Dynamix II / 1,000,000 Mhz
  7. Eggfooyoung / Bass 2 Large
  8. Aux 88 / Lets Dance
  9. MIDI K84 / Tu Programa De Electro
  10. UR / Base Camp Alpha 808
  11. Michna / Quadruple Gold Dipped
  12. Santogold / Anne (Switch Mix, Hydroz Re-Rub)
  13. Kraftwerk / Numbers
  14. Old School Players / Numbers
  15. E.V.A.C. / Terra (Salim Rafiq's Anti Terra-rist Mix)
  16. T.E.S.T. & Excel / No Disgrace In The Bass
  17. Aux 88 / Sonic Boom
  18. Hydraulix / Krunk
  19. Exzakt / Clarity (Hydraulix Remix)
  20. Cybotron / Clear
  21. Old School Players / Clear
  22. Bass 305 / Ultimate Bass Challenge (Mega Low Speaker Annihilation)
  23. Techmaster P.E.B. / Listen To The Music
  24. Beat Dominator / Feel The Music
  25. Techno Bass Crew / Subsonic Love
  26. J. Shaw / Surfing Galaxies
  27. Excel / Don't Stop Now
  28. AS1 / Silent Target
  29. Dynamix II / Dream Scape
  30. Beat Dominator / Deep Dream
  31. Bass 305 / Space Travel (Low Frequency Digital Mix)
  32. FUSE / Slac
  33. Dynamix II / Purple Beats
  34. Beat Dominator / Bass... Can You Hear Me?
  35. UR / Electronic Warfare (Drexciya Electric Eel Mix)
  36. Exzakt ft. Uprock / Dope Fiend
  37. Eurobass Express / Trip To The Moon (Mega Low Space Version)
  38. Beat Dominator / Music's Hypnotyzing
  39. Bass 305 / Hip Hop Groove (Sample Symphonymovement 305)
  40. 2 Live Crew / Ghetto Bass
  41. Aux 88 / Fly By Night ~1:45 AM

(Yes, I did play Listen To The Music by Techmaster P.E.B. twice. My mistake, I wasn't paying attention. It's sort of funny in retrospect.)

Lots of good music here; 86 tracks in under five hours. We were both moving at a pretty good pace. Most of my set was drawn from this month's MTT radio shows. Megaphysics played a lot of stuff I'd never heard before, I believe he's been digging for bass out in the shops in PDX.

Thanks once again to everybody hanging out and listening, and to Ground Kontrol for having us.

MTT 130 / Distress Signal

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MTT130 Spectrogram

Driving electro and bass music up around 140 BPM. Detroit, Florida, NZ, UK, and more.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

This post was updated on 2020/10/05.

  1. Screwtec / Water Gate 00:00
  2. Aux 88 / Alien Life Form 02:04
  3. E.M.S. / Ginetik 05:40
  4. Go Nuclear / Time2Party 10:10
  5. Bass Junkie / Myami Style 14:00
  6. Silicon / Positive, Negative 17:38
  7. Nomadic / Metro-Mover (Extended Mix) 20:25
  8. Spectrums Data Forces / Telemaco (Systemic Remix) 23:57
  9. Exzakt / Sleeping With The Enemy (Alpha 606 Remix) 26:43
  10. Kronos Device / Sinister Synthesis 29:41
  11. Hydraulix / Basstown 33:07
  12. DJ Overdose / Crystal Boy (Space Adventure Cobra Mix) 37:14
  13. Radioactive Man / Sight & Sound 41:46
  14. Phonotronix / Electronic Intellect 45:00
  15. Jackal & Hyde / Bang (Ver 2.0) 48:30
  16. Chaotic State / Threat Con Delta 50:26
  17. Bass Junkie / Robot Movement (Dexorcist's B-Boy Bass Edit) 52:33
  18. Cybonix / Let Your Body Rock 55:34
  19. Silicon / ID0 57:50

Crystal Boy from the 1982 Space Adventure Cobra movie

There are two different artists named Silicon featured in this mix. Track 6, Positive, Negative, is by the Silicon of Silicon Bass Experience fame, who discogs tells me is a person named Marc Pomeroy. Track 19, ID0, is by Silicon AKA Heath Brunner. Proper track credit is important to me, so I hope that clears up any confusion.

This show strays a bit from the more strict detroit-miami electro-bass of the last few weeks. Over half this mix is from UK / EU labels, with two tracks each from Battle Trax, Frustrated Funk, Militant Science, and Touchin' Bass. Three tracks from Exzakt's Monotone Records feature, all pieces I bought back in the late 2000s. Monotone recently started releasing new music, so check that out at their website.

Bass month will close next week with a selection of slower tunes, something to relax with after playing the arcade. No new tricks, but good music.

MTT 129 / Show Of Force

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MTT129 Spectrogram

More bass, more electro. ~132, so faster than last week. A little rowdy.

This show (like most of MTT Year 3) is no longer available for download here. Get in touch with me at the email address listed at the top of this page if you want a copy of it.

This post was updated on 2020/10/05.

  1. Silicon / Electron Flow 00:00
  2. Brice Kelly / Odd Electro Music 02:52
  3. Ohverclock / Rezonation (Beat Mix) 04:48
  4. Tricky D / Take It To The Max (Hydraulix Remix) 08:26
  5. Phonotronix / The Camouflage (JR10's Primary Attack Remix) 12:34
  6. Exzakt / Musik Is The Drug (Uprock's Keyser Soze Mix) 16:55
  7. T.E.S.T. / Coming Thru 19:19
  8. Aux 88 / Out Of Sight 23:39
  9. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe (Computron's Mathematix Remix) 28:59
  10. Kronos Device / The Engine 33:04
  11. Brice Kelly / Pulse Code Dreamer 37:23
  12. Secret Frequency Crew / Miami Eyes (Andrea Parker Remix) 40:46
  13. Sound Chasers / Sonar (Supreme.ja Remix) 44:07
  14. Hydraulix / 305 To 315 46:59
  15. Dexorcist / 3rd Wave Axion 48:39
  16. Exzakt / Amerika 51:31
  17. DJ Baby Anne / Trippin' The Bass 55:06

The two new tracks included here are Ohverclock's Rezonation and Computron's remix of Mathematic Universe. Rezonation is on the excellent Electro Empire records, one of Dominance Electricity's sublabels. The Computron remix is from Máquinas Deseantes by Sbles3plex, one of my favorite albums from the last few years.

There's lots of good tunes here beyond that. The UK electro bass of Phil Klein and Simon Brown (Kronos Device and Dexorcist), more Exzakt, more T.E.S.T., and the fantastic Out Of Sight by Aux 88. I couldn't resist playing that Hydraulix mix of Take It To The Max, even though I played it this time last year.

And that's it. Pretty loose mixing again this week, but energetic. Oh, if you hear any crackling noises in this recording, it's because the potentiometers in my DJ mixer need to be cleaned. (The bass pots in particular). Sorry about that. I'll continue the upward tempo trend next week, so check back if you like fast bass music.