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Intro & Index

The pages here are lists and notes, work files, brief reminders. Under the hood this is a markdown vimwiki.


  • Clear out music/staging/mods
  • Catalog CDs for website (long-term project)
  • Catalog vinyl for website (long-term project)
  • Centralize mix tracklist links in one appendable markdown file.
    • Reformat & update existing tracklist posts + build the links file
      • MTT Year 6 DONE; last file edited: 245
  • Do the same as above - centralize links - for artist & label links
  • New set of website category templates for a 'bandcamp review' category
    • maybe 'capsule review' ?
    • maybe 'comment', to generalize it across multiple services
  • Writing for website
    • After Hours
    • Burst City
    • Headphones
    • Symptoms