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Intro & Index

The pages here are lists and notes, work files, brief reminders. Under the hood this is a markdown vimwiki. Apparently I think in lists.


  • Clear out music/staging/mods
  • Catalog CDs for website (long-term project)
  • Catalog vinyl for website (long-term project)
  • Centralize mix tracklist links in one appendable markdown file.
    • Collect links to every album played & still available
    • Format those links into markdown
    • Add to _controllers/blog/ class Post method __parse
    • Detect if post is a mix (in Tracklists category?)
    • If yes append the global album index markdown file.
    • Would then have to update 250+ 300+ files. Oof.
  • Rewrite selfauth (in progress)
  • Publish the source files & git repo for this website
    • Unsnarl some of the controller/template issues
      • start with moving get_image_size out of head_opengraph (DONE)
    • Look for & correct any passwords or keys that are in the repo
    • Write a readme/note for myself so I remember how to build the site and prepare the build environment.
    • Add case to to skip rendering the markdown files in the website repo (to avoid a large amount of data duplication).
  • Writing for website
    • After Hours
    • Burst City
    • Headphones
    • QuickGrid followup (scs4tool)
    • Symptoms