MTT 332 / No Place Like

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MTT332 Spectrogram

Electro in the 130s today featuring a few nice old Dominance Electricity tunes plus one relatively recent breakbeat track by Paradox.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Ambit 3 / Dropped 00:00
02. Lone Shark / Soul Kitchen 03:44
03. Silicon Scally / Non Functional 07:49
04. N-ter / There's No Place Like Home 12:23
05. Solvent / Instructograph 15:31
06. T.E.S.T. / ElectroPulse 18:34
07. Paradox / Breakbeater 23:19
08. CYWU / Trip To Another 28:56
09. Binary System / Voyager 31:01
10. Lloyd Stellar / Abduction 34:24
11. Robert Cosmic / Back To Reality 38:37
12. Mystery Man / E-Voice (End Of 99) 42:07
13. Dagobert / On The Run (Sbassship Encryption Rmx) 47:00
14. Gab.Gato / Dominant Race 51:28
15. Nulla / Lenticular 55:27

Track #7 Breakbeater by Paradox is the latest track in this selection, the most recent release. It's from a two-tracker on Sneaker Social Club; I played the B side Detronic back in MTT 317. Breakbeater is a spare and heavy drum workout, a style Paradox excels at, really awesome tune. I have it pitched down quite a lot in this mix so I suggest you check out the original at the link above.

Track #13 On The Run (Sbassship Encryption) and #14 Dominant Race by Dagobert and Gab.Gato respectively are both from the German label Dominance Electricity. I set out to play DE this week and these two are what made the cut, what felt right. Most of the Dominance Electricity I have sounds like warm weather music to me so I try to hold on to them for the summer months. The latter of those two (the one with the, ah, challenging track name) is from the Global Surveyor Phase 2 compilation. I've played a lot of pieces from that comp for this mix series over the years & I think it's a good place to start with DE's catalog if you're unfamiliar.

This is kind of a loose one. I nailed a few of the hard parts & then wiffed some of the easy ones. Apologies for the slop. As always the links above will take you to where you can purchase these releases (all but two are available digitally this time). I'll be back with another set soon, hopefully before next Thursday. More electro, maybe some '80s tunes for a change.


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