MTT 329 / Over And Over

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MTT329 Spectrogram

Working through an odd mismatched selection this week. Electro and IDM then into four-on-the-floor house, techno, '90s bits, etc. . Nothing new I'm afraid but some nice old tunes from Cabaret Voltaire, FSOL, Legowelt, Safety Scissors, and more.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Pawel / Baked Beans Please 1 00:00
02. Drexciya / Song Of The Green Whale 02:36
03. Claudio Solis / Pipio 06:54
04. Fleck E.S.C. / Patchwork 4 11:05
05. Jega / Saint Bees 14:21
06. Plaid / Yak 16:47
07. Safety Scissors / Before 20:51
08. User48736353001 / Lannerlog 26:05
09. dbacon / aaaaa] 28:10
10. Legowelt / The Soul Of A City 31:03
11. Simoncino / Jungle Dream 35:35
12. Cabaret Voltaire / Brutal But Clean 39:27
13. Future Sound Of London / Pulse State 44:46
14. Orbital / 2 Deep 49:06
15. Skatebård / June Nights South Of Siena 53:33
16. Legowelt / Master Of The Druids 57:45

As mentioned above nothing here is a "new" release really so I'm going to pick & highlight just a couple pieces starting with track #3 Pipio by Claudio Solis. Solis's sound, his production, is solidly house / minimal / techno I think. The tracks where he strays from a four-on-the-floor beat are super interesting to me, particularly most of SOLIS003, SOLIS004, and SOLIS006. Track two Pravritti from the more recently released SOLIS010 is also very cool & worth a listen.

I'd also like to call attention to track #12 Brutal But Clean by Cabaret Voltaire from their 1994 album The Conversation released on Apollo Records (and Instinct Records in the US). I've played a few pieces from The Conversation for this series over the years (including Brutal But Clean) and have recommended the album before & I'm doing so once again today. It's the last Cab album to be written by both Kirk and Mallinder (as far as I know) and deserves to be heard in full, it's really excellent.

Three weeks late! (Approximately three weeks, anyway). Episodes may be irregular in the coming months as I try to ramp back up, try to find my ear (and some inspiration). In the meantime as usual the links above will take you to where you can purchase these tracks (more of them are available digitally than I would have thought). I'll try to be back next week with another mix, maybe some fast electro to go with the approaching summer heat.


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