MTT 328 / Louder Than Words

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MTT328 Spectrogram

Breaks & electro & misc today, ~130, mostly old tracks. This mix features long pieces by BufoBufo, Lone, N-ter, and State Logik.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Jason Fine / After Glow 00:00
02. Mas 2008 / Being A Number 02:02
03. Reedale Rise / Honey 05:05
04. GD Luxxe / Keep Me (DMX Krew Remix) 07:14
05. Lowfish / Glass & Spiders (Solvent Remix) 11:08
06. N-ter / Reflection 14:06
07. State Logik / All You Need 19:16
08. Metamatics / Liquid Gel 24:41
09. Sint / Morning Night 28:23
10. Mr Velcro Fastener / Bend (Instrumental) 31:35
11. Lone / Oedo 808 35:17
12. Caro / Caro's Crystal Castle 39:44
13. BufoBufo / Earthsea 44:33
14. Mrs Jynx ft. iAM9 / Something Which Was Everything 49:29
15. GD Luxxe / Keep Me 53:25
16. CYBEREIGN / Secret Lives 56:51

Alright so the most recent tracks here are #13 Earthsea by BufoBufo from 2021, #11 Oedo 808 by Lone from 2018, and #3 Honey by Reedale Rise also from 2018. I wanted to play Earthsea in particular, I love how bouncy and dynamic it is, love the short beat changeup to Skull Snaps, love the overall simplicity of it. Great tune.

Two versions of Keep Me by GD Luxxe appear in this set: the original as first released on The 20th Door on Interdimensional Transmissions, and DMX Krew's remix as first released on The 21st Door Remixed also on Interdimensional. Once I'd played one version I knew I had to play both. I've been using lyrics from Keep Me as mix titles for years now & have been meaning to play it for just as long. It's hard to pick a favorite from Luxxe's incredible run of 2000s synthpop; today it's Keep Me, tomorrow it might be Quiet Life or maybe Cities.

That's it for notes I think. This one's coming out on Wednesday 'cause I fell behind by a week & I'm trying to catch up. The links above will take you to where you can check out (and in most cases purchase) these albums. And I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower, as usual.


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