MTT 327 / Best Laid Plans

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MTT327 Spectrogram

Electro & techno for this first set of June. Some long tracks in here including pieces by Alva Recek, DJ Life, Shanti Celeste, and The Martian.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.07 00:00
02. Forceback / Back On Track 02:58
03. Annie Hall / Saggitarius A 06:12
04. Scape One / Digits 10:17
05. Shanti Celeste / SSS (OG Cut) 14:33
06. Indio / Armenian Eyes 20:29
07. System 7 vs. Derrick May / Prototype 1 24:16
08. Model 500 / Control 28:33
09. DJ Di'jital / Doppler 32:42
10. Mano De Fuego / Descenso 36:09
11. DJ Life / Strongman 39:25
12. Alva Recek / Soma orange 44:31
13. The Martian / Sun Chaser 49:17
14. G-Prod / Xpansion 55:39

There's two tracks I'd like to highlight this week, first being #5 SSS (OG Cut) by Shanti Celeste & Funkineven. Really warm tune, love the wandering bass synth, always makes me think of summer. I can't remember where I first heard it (or when exactly I picked it up). I'm surprised I haven't played it more often; the last time seems to be MTT 073.

Descenso by Mano De Fuego is the second I'd like to call out. Descenso is on the UR Presenta Mano De Fuego EP released last year on, as the name suggests, Underground Resistance. Somehow I completely missed that Submerge Records has an updated digital downloads page with new music including this Mano De Fuego EP. And... it's excellent, all three main cuts are superb (and La Luz is a nice short reprise). Sol and Descenso are the two big pieces I think, syncopated, bright, and warm. Mito has more of a house-y vibe, a steady four-on-the-floor groove. You can find this one both vinyl and digital over on Submerge's shop.

That's all I have notes-wise. Check the links above if you want to locate (and maybe purchase) any of these tracks. This mix is coming in five, maybe six days late 'cause I needed a break. The next episode is likely to be late as well, but I will be back with another soon. More electro & techno for the coming summer.


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