MTT 315 / Hollowed Out

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MTT315 Spectrogram

Techno & dub techno today, from regular to a little weird. Throwing a bunch of things at the wall to see what sticks. This mix features new tracks by Skee Mask and Serge Geyzel as well as classics by (for example) Monolake and T++.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Daze / _Can Be Smaller 00:00
02. Holger Flinsch / Rabisnas 02:49
03. Textural Being / The Sixth Gap (Axs Sixth Column Mix) 07:37
04. Drøn / Eve Shores 11:26
05. Deluge / Veryultra 17:06
06. Auto Kinetic / Motorcity 21:24
07. Ke Thu / u1 25:01
08. Ben Businovski / Deception 29:49
09. Monolake / Plumbicon 33:34
10. Beat Pharmacy / Molecular 38:59
11. T++ / Space Break 42:56
12. Skee Mask / AD Dub 47:36
13. The Black Dog / You're Only SQL 49:48
14. Serge Geyzel / As Fallen Leaves 54:00
15. Stiver & Gantz / Rough Visions 57:56

We've got a couple new tracks here, starting with #12 AD Dub by Skee Mask, released December of last year on the comp B thru Skee Mask's bandcamp. B works well as an album I think - the pacing and arrangement is good, and there's enough variety to hold my attention when listening from beginning to end. AD Dub and JPP263 are the two standouts for me on the comp (I'm looking forward to working JPP263 into a mix as soon as I can).

Track #14 As Fallen Leaves by Serge Geyzel is also new, from the EP of the same name on Brokntoys. The bandcamp page says it's due to be released on the 20th of this month (not the 30th as I said in my outro) but all the tracks are already there in full. I haven't had much time to listen to this one but it seems really good to me, quick breakbeats and moody pads. I have As Fallen Leaves (and also AD Dub, mentioned above) pitched down quite a bit in this mix so I recommend checking out the original at the link above.

One last piece I'd like to highlight is #11 Space Break by T++. I first heard Space Break in DJ Struggle's Struggle Dubs 5 (where it was mixed very nicely with an assortment of mid-2000s dubstep). I've been meaning to play it in a mix myself for ages; this was the first moment that felt appropriate. I love this run of mid-2000s T++ tracks, these dubbed-out broken-beat techno tracks on Erosion. The whole series is good, erosion 6 through 9, and they're all available on junodownload (and also beatport I presume) so give 'em a listen if you've never heard them before.

And that's all the time I have for notes today. (Need to get to sleep). Most of this set is available for purchase or download at the links above so if you hear something you like then please consider supporting the artist by picking up a copy. I'll be back next week with another mix, something slower I think, maybe more four-on-the-floor stuff.


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