MTT 314 / Sonic Team (2)

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MTT314 Spectrogram

Breaks & electro for this first show of year 7. A couple tracks from Frustrated Funk, one from SCSI-AV, and a whole stack of Satamile NYC. A revisit or rework of an older mix from this series, MTT 048 Sonic Team.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Jauzas The Shining / Insomnie 00:00
02. Silicon / Sonic Distress 02:26
03. EMS / Crack In The Sun 06:39
04. Bytecon / Evacuation Order 10:25
05. Lowfish / 8 Op 14:12
06. Heuristic Audio / Death Of A Star 17:31
07. EMS / Elipticophasic (EVAC Remix) 21:32
08. Silicon Scally / Parallel Array 24:52
09. Boris Divider / New Race 29:51
10. Umwelt / P.O.W. 33:49
11. Sonar Base / Processing Plant 37:40
12. Metroneem / Gone To Ground 41:27
13. Freezie Freekie / Promise Of Technology 44:47
14. Heuristic Audio / Wisla 48:50
15. Silicon / Sonic Rescue 53:53
16. Hadamard / Beyond 58:56

Eleven tracks from Satamile Records feature in this mix. Specifically numbers 3-14 (with the exception of 11 which is on SCSI-AV). Repeating what I said in the notes for mtt48 I have a bunch of Satamile vinyl, they had good distribution and I was able to buy many of them new as they were released. There's a lot of good music in the Satamile catalog, definitely worth the time to dig through it if you're unfamiliar.

I still think Death Of A Star is incredible and maybe a bit overlooked right now. The whole EP is as good as the two tracks included here. A quick aside: Heuristic Audio is David Froud; Froud is one half of Clone Theory, a band which has a new (2022) track titled Cell Reprogramming on Tensor Norm. A surprising and welcome return.

Silicon's Sonic Distress and Sonic Rescue bookend the mix, both released on Frustrated Funk, 2006 and 2007 respectively. Properly weird electro, Heath Brunner in top form. I really like the idea of Distress and Rescue, the story, the call and response between the two tracks. I'd love to hear the further adventures of Sonic Team.

So starts another year. This one's a bit loose, levels are uneven, beatmatching imperfect, etc. etc. . Hope nobody minds too much. These tracks are all available digitally at the links above so if you hear something you like please consider supporting the artist / label with a purchase.

Anyway I'll be back next week with something more slower and more mellow. Maybe some dub techno.


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