MTT 312 / Absent Minded

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MTT312 Spectrogram

Electro, IDM, and techno around 120, hastily assembled. This mix features a track from the Tides Remix Album (recently made available on the This Machine Is Broken bandcamp) and two from Decima Circuits on Neo Ouija.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rashida Prime / {unlimited upgrade} 00:00
02. B12 / Scriptures 03:22
03. Komarebi / Spherical Shift 07:15
04. Silicon Scally / Projections 10:28
05. スムー / Levitate 13:57
06. Mick Chillage / Bio Read Out 17:27
07. Reedale Rise / Eisrous 21:42
08. Paul Blackford / Hydro Glide (Ali3ns3xtoy Remix) 24:59
09. Delta Funktionen / Moonstone Road 27:57
10. Dynarec / Banta 33:09
11. Kenny Larkin / Butterflies 36:09
12. Being / The Sular Three Remix By Insync vs Mysteron 40:44
13. Legowelt / Dutch Polder Techno 45:04
14. Inigo Kennedy / Mood 49:55
15. Baier/Box / Lushbits 56:30

The two tracks from Decima Circuits (Cottage Industries 10) are #3 Spherical Shift by Komarebi and #6 Bio Read Out by Mick Chillage. I'm still working my way through Cottage Industries 10 and 11 after picking them up months ago, it's a lot of (very good) music. Check 'em out if you're unfamiliar (or for any other reason), they're absolutely worth the time.

Track #12 The Sular Three Remix By Insync vs Mysteron is from the recently re-released Tides Remix Album by Being. This is a super exciting album to me and one I didn't know existed. Tides itself is already really good; the idea of Ectomorph, Insync vs Mysteron, Orlando Voorn, and more remixing it is incredible. Pick it up, run don't walk, etc. etc. .

One last piece I'd like to call attention to is #14 Mood by Inigo Kennedy from the Magnificent Spaces EP on his netlabel Asymmetric. I like most of the releases on Asymmetric, particularly the spaced-out hypnotic techno there (and the occasional bubbly/icy tune like In My Bubble I Float). I've been meaning to play Mood for ages & I'm glad I got to it today.

It's coming up on midnight PST so I'll call it there. If you hear something you like then please consult the tracklist links above & check out the artist and their work, consider supporting them with a purchase. I'll be back next week with another mix; not sure what it'll be yet. I don't think I'll do a Detroit show (313 area code). I'll probably do something slow to relax instead.


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