MTT 311 / Ease & Away

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MTT311 Spectrogram

Back to 130 BPM electro, this time with tracks that feature a kick on the third beat (what I think of as step 16). This mix features new(ish) tracks by Obergman and Vektorspace plus some classics, some old pieces.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Jeff Mills / The Light That Burns Brightest 00:00
02. Elecktroids / Future Tone 02:20
03. Blackploid / Interstellar Space 05:51
04. Datassette / Metropolis Light Transport 09:48
05. Sbles3plex / Step Back (Dynarec Remix) 14:14
06. Scape One & Tr. Sound & Karoshi / Solar 18:25
07. Vektorspace / Replicant 22:07
08. Obergman / End Of An Era 25:33
09. Stingray / The Sadist Pt2 (Cestrian Remix) 29:52
10. Plant43 / Wounding Words 34:03
11. Drøn / Atom 312 38:29
12. Obergman / Seemingly Coincidental 43:02
13. Morphology / Journey's End 47:50
14. Gosub / Mind Travel Method 51:39
15. Rutherford / Singularis 56:34

The most recent track here is #7 Replicant by Vektorspace from their 2023 album Technophilia. (The title of which I misremembered as "Technophile" while reading off the tracklist, sorry about that). The more I listen to and play pieces from Technophilia the more I like it. Thick modern electro, definitely worth a look if you like Replicant (or the previous Vektorspace track I played back in mtt308).

Two tracks from Obergman's 2022 album Nocturnal Detour feature here: #8 End Of An Era and #12 Seemingly Coincidental. Cryptic spooky stuff, similar to the mood/style of a lot of the other Brokntoys releases. I've been meaning to play more from this release for ages - it's really good - but for whatever reason this is the first time I've gotten to a place where I feel it makes sense. The title track Nocturnal Detour is my favorite on the release but the whole thing is great & worth a listen.

One last piece I'd like to highlight is #14 Mind Travel Method by Gosub from their excellent 2007 album Watchers From The Black Universe. This one's been a favorite of mine since I first heard Megaphysics play bits of it. The Rain Comes Down, Last Night At The Stardust, Blind World, Mind Travel Method, all great tracks. I've been meaning to pick up the digital version of the album (linked above) as it includes a couple extra tracks. Check it out if you haven't heard it before.

That's all I have for notes this week I think. As always if you hear something you like then the tracklist links above will take you to where you can hear & purchase the relevant album. I'll be back next week (hopefully on Thursday) with another mix, something slower. More electro.


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