MTT 310 / Straight Forward

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MTT310 Spectrogram

Techno in the 130s this week. Nothing too new here just felt like playing something four-on-the-floor. This mix features old tracks by Inigo Kennedy, Jeff Mills, Milkplant, Steve Stoll, and more.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Numbercult / Microcosm 00:00
02. Electronic Corporation / Thought 3 04:34
03. Luka Baumann / Inception 08:03
04. Steve Stoll / Slipstream 12:51
05. Millsart / Gamma Player 16:19
06. Anagram / Devoid Of Will 20:49
07. Dimension 5 [D5] / Control Complex 25:12
08. Phoboz / Untitled [ML058 03] 28:45
09. Marco Lenzi / Untitled [XX.2 A1] 32:48
10. Milkplant / Far Star 37:22
11. Obseth / Linear Rotation 41:26
12. Operator / Cloud Cities of Venus 45:04
13. Damon Wild vs Function / Waveterm 48:29
14. Inigo Kennedy / Untitled [XX.5 B1] 52:22
15. Cyp / Obscurity 56:25
16. Max Duley / Storyteller 59:45

First up I'd like to highlight the 13 Years Of From 0-1 compilation, the source of track #12 Cloud Cities Of Venus by Operator. The whole comp is very much my kind of techno, cryptic dancefloor material. Music for dark rooms. Most of the comp stands out to me as good - Brain Interface, Cloud Cities, High Summer, Re-Form, Untaken Path in particular - so if you like Cloud Cities Of Venus check out the whole release, and From 0-1's other releases, it's all good.

Two tracks from Molecular Recordings appear here, #9 XX.2 A1 and #14 XX.5 B1 by Marco Lenzi and Inigo Kennedy respectively, both part of the originally uncredited XX series. I found a used copy of XX.3 years ago & have been on the lookout for their releases since. I was very happy to see them turn up on bandcamp in 2020 with re-releases of the XX series and new material. They seem to have picked up more or less where they they left off in terms of sound & style, the sort of loopy hypnotic techno that's always drawn my ear. Their recent releases are worth a listen, Parabens by Linear System in particular caught my attention.

I don't have have a proper sense for mixing techno and my selection is limited so this set is kinda loose. Hope nobody minds too much. If you hear something you like then check out the tracklist links above & please consider supporting the artist(s) by picking up an EP or album. I'll be back next week with another mix, maybe some wintry electro at 130.


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