MTT 309 / In Different Directions

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MTT309 Spectrogram

Mid 130s electro today. Bright, then spiky and sharp, then moody at the end. Nothing too new here (that I can see). Good tracks though including pieces by Kan3da, MNLTH, Scape One, Solitary Dancer, and more.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Scape One / Intervention 00:00
02. Scape One / A Sound Of Thunder 02:29
03. Hadamard / Currents (Arctic) 04:39
04. Juno Lazermachine / Processinp 08:44
05. Komarken Electronics / Moonlight Beat 11:45
06. MNLTH / No More Snow Time 15:21
07. Drox / Flipo (8 Bit Mix) 19:49
08. Userwave / I Sit And Dream 23:04
09. Microthol / Optical Refraction 27:02
10. System Insurgent / System Escape 31:00
11. Kan3da / Leda And The Swan 34:47
12. The Droid / Invasion 39:01
13. Obergman / Tokamak 42:36
14. Plant43 / Inward Stream 46:39
15. Solitary Dancer / Desire & Apathy 51:55
16. EM + STAV / Inner Space 55:45

I don't have too much to say about this set (because most of it is stuff I've played before). But there are a few things:

Track #2 A Sound Of Thunder by Scape One comes from the compilation Submolecular, a combination of the older Submolecularnanotechrhythmicprinciples and Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics EP with bonus tracks and outtakes. (Originally released on SCSI-AV and Southern Outpost respectively). The Submolecular compilation has been available for a while (in a few different revisions); I just got around to picking it up myself this last week. Haven't spent much with it but thought that A Sound Of Thunder would make for a nice intro track paired with Intervention from Scape One's EP for Pnuma.

Two tracks from Graded/Intergraded: #15 Desire & Apathy by Solitary Dancer and #16 Inner Space by EM & STAV. (Huh, the last two tracks, I didn't notice that while arranging the mix).

Two tracks from Solar One Music: #5 Moonlight Beat by Komarken Electronics and #10 System Escape by System Insurgent. According to discogs Komarken Electronics and System Insurgent are the same person ("anonymous producer T."); they appear to run the bandcamp page Research Center Productions. I've always enjoyed playing tunes by Komarken Electronics so that RCP bandcamp page is definitely worth a closer look.

That's all I've got today. This one's a bit late for the (now usual) reasons. As always if you hear something you like then check the links above, give the full album or EP a listen, and please consider supporting the artist(s) with a purchase. I'll be back next week (hopefully on Thursday) with another mix, something fast for the start of February.


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