MTT 308 / Half As Much Again

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MTT308 Spectrogram

~130 BPM electro & IDM today featuring a few recent purchases by Cignol, NULLPTR, and Vektorspace, as well as three tracks from the reliably excellent CPU Records.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Intelligent Communication / Drive (2007 Live Rehearsal Mix) 00:00
02. Monolake / Axis 03:47
03. Miotek / My City (Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix) 08:01
04. The Sushi Club / Tamashi (Autopilot Dub Mix) 11:15
05. Vektorspace / Voltage Controlled 1 15:18
06. NULLPTR / Connected 18:45
07. Mat Carter / Venting Steam 22:41
08. Morphology / Dust Solution 26:30
09. Komarken Electronics / Bubble Theory 31:25
10. Sync 24 / Memory Bubble 35:40
11. Silicon Scally / Coast 2 Coast 39:22
12. E.R.P. / Eagle Nebula 43:34
13. M_Step / Annabelle 47:30
14. Cignol / Binary Choices 51:55
15. Gliese / Unknown Place 56:07

The three CPU tracks here are #6 Connected by NULLPTR, #8 Dust Solution by Morphology, and #10 Memory Bubble by Sync 24. The first of those is the most recent, from the 2021 Terminus EP, just picked it up this week. (Better late than never).

Another recent purchase is #5 Voltage Controlled by Vektorspace, released last year. I grabbed both that and their new release Technophilia after seeing them advertise on reddit. Those two have a kind of rounded-off sound, less bright and treble-y than what I've been finding lately. (Which is a good thing, a nice break for the ears). I particularly like Neuromodulator from Technophilia.

Track #7 Venting Steam by Mat Carter is being played from the original release, Firewire Split Series Vol. 1, an old piece I found used while out digging. Mr. Carter has thankfully reissued his two tracks from that split on his label Varial Records, and that reissue is what I've linked to above. If you haven't heard it and/or don't have a copy check it out, it's really good.

This mix is coming in a bit late 'cause it needed a little time to cook. Had to work through a few problems. If you hear something you like then please consult the tracklist links above & consider supporting the artist(s) with a purchase. I'll be back next week with another mix, something faster. Will try to publish on Thursday (evening PST) but no promises.


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