MTT 307 / More Than It Looks

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MTT307 Spectrogram

~120 BPM IDM & electro today. Some old Warp and Skam, a new one from Móatún 7. Letting a few tracks run long.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Strala / Arakatoro Valley 00:00
02. The Pad Foundation / The Waiting Game 03:34
03. Babel / Shaman 07:54
04. Metamatics / Mops 12:02
05. Andrea Parker / Too Good To Be Strange 16:02
06. Ambidextrous / Off The Road Again 20:11
07. Tura / Reishi 25:15
08. Juno Lazermachine / Polar Circle Elektriciti 30:59
09. Dangerous Frontiers / New York City 35:23
10. Mas 2008 / Forgotten Knowledge 40:06
11. Bola / Shoob,e 43:05
12. Drøn / Transfer 47:02
13. Link & E621 / Antacid 51:41
14. Identity Unknown / Orion 58:00

We've got two relatively new tracks here (as far as I can tell): #12 Transfer by Drøn from just a couple months ago and #6 Off The Road Again by Ambidextrous from Cottage Industries 10 released in 2020. Transfer is on Móatún 7, a label I've only started paying attention to recently, at the recommendation of (I think) Metamatics. Really excellent label for that braindance / IDM / electronic listening music sound.

The rest of this mix is fairly old, including a couple of Warp classics (#7 and #13, both of which were from projects originally tied to other labels), a classic from Skam (#11 Shoob,e by Bola), Apollo (#5 Too Good To Be Strange by Andrea Parker, played here from the later Touchin' Bass re-release), and more. #13 Antacid by Link & E621 (Mark Pritchard & Tom Middleton respectively) is a particularly noteworthy and famous piece; that whole EP is fantastic so be sure to check it out.

And that's what I've got this week. I think nearly all of the selections here are available for purchase as digital downloads so if you hear something you like please consult the tracklist above & check out the full album & consider supporting the artist with a purchase. I'll be back next week with something faster, probably some electro (I may have some new things to play). 'till then.


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