MTT 306 / Wedged Against

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MTT306 Spectrogram

85-95 downtempo, IDM, and tracker music. Starting with a slow set this month, reversing the trend. Five tracks from Tokyo Dawn (still excited at having found so much good music in that catalog), a few from Most Valuable Playaz, old pieces by DJ Wally, Michna, Pete Rock, and more.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Amove / Strange Friction 00:00
02. Mad-E / Oblivious M.F. 03:04
03. Eliot Lipp / Like No Tomorrow 07:07
04. Pete Rock / Walk On By 10:23
05. Quad / Time Is Now 14:13
06. Falcon / Surnaturel Forme 17:24
07. Headset ft. John Tejada / Dunno 21:51
08. Calimex Mental Implant Corp. / Ethiopian Ski Dream 24:30
09. Elton Grand / It's All Good 29:14
10. Mentz / Koolin' Down 32:52
11. Aphex Twin / Alberto Balsalm (Phorte Remix) 36:07
12. DJ Wally / Mr. Beaver Saves The Day 41:11
13. Michna / Levitation 45:37
14. Chris Hülsbeck / Turrican II Level 2 (Paul Blackford Mix) 48:56
15. Dune / Nobody Dreaming 52:43
16. Rb387 / The Waiting Room Blues 55:33

Going over the tracklist quickly I see that #1 Strange Friction by Amove & #5 Time Is Now by Quad & #6 Surnaturel Forme by Falcon & #10 Koolin' Down by Mentz & #11 Phorte's Remix of Alberto Balsalm by Aphex Twin are all from the Tokyo Dawn "old" collection on Number 2 Oblivious M.F. by Mad-E and number 9 It's All Good by Elton Grand are from Mostvaluableplayaz. I'm working through some mods here I didn't get to last month, all good stuff of course. (I swear I'll move on from the Tokyo Dawn now).

Track 15 Nobody Dreaming by Dune is an old one. 1994. It took 10th place at that year's Assembly 32 channel music competition. (A historic and important thing I'd say). I've played it for the mix series before and it's been a favorite of mine for a long time. I should probably re-render it with less stereo separation though...

This was an easy one, something low-effort as a break after the last few weeks of relatively difficult sets. As a result I don't have too much to say about it other than: the tunes are good & you should look them up. (Links above). I'll be back next week with another mix, something faster, hopefully at my regular Thursday night time.


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