Electrokid's 2002 mix The Robot Within

Posted by Cameron Vanderzanden on in notes.
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Electrokid's Robot Within. Released in 2002 (I think, that's the date on the file I have anyway). 62:52 in the truncated 256kbps version, 77:27 in the full-length 128kbps version. Nonstop propulsive breaks, electro, and IDM. 21 tracks all perfectly arranged.

This mix is a big part of why I'm here, why I'm a DJ. I found it in the early 2000s through a review Ishkur wrote on his old website. The mix completely floored me then; it still does now. Looking back I think I must have internalized a lot of the selection and decisions in Robot Within because I have - consciously or not - been trying to sound like it for a long time. I know it's the first place I heard Movement Through Thought, for one.

Robot Within holds up very well today and is still one of my favorite DJ mixes. I strongly recommend giving it a listen over at Electrokid's website. (And Ishkur's review has the tracklist).


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