MTT 235 / Reset By Peer

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MTT235 Spectrogram

70 BPM ambient, dub, IDM, and steppy tunes to end another bass month. Features a couple new tracks by Distance, Pugilist, and Substance. But most of this is old, as usual.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

  1. Vejopatis / Lioj Lylia (Zzzzra Remix) 00:00
  2. Pugilist / Fight Authority 04:06
  3. RSD / Love Of Jah Light 08:22
  4. Kaiju / Burn Down Babylon 11:20
  5. Timeblind / Time Dilated By Matter 15:41
  6. Reedale Rise / Kowdow 20:29
  7. Speedy J / Extruma 23:14
  8. Jus Wan / Level 27:21
  9. Orson / Madness 32:50
  10. Shackleton / The Branch Is Weak (Geiom Remix) 35:21
  11. Autechre / Krib 38:33
  12. Access To Arasaka / Ksora 41:23
  13. Sub / Skadi (Vaccine Dubstep Remix) 44:27
  14. Distance / Forgotten Demons 47:38
  15. Digital Mystikz / Molten 51:23
  16. Substance ft. Zameen-A / Bitter End 53:32
  17. Vaccine / Cascade Failure 56:16
  18. Bola / VM8 59:53

New tracks (2020 and later) in this hour include #2 Fight Authority by Pugilist, #14 Forgotten Demons by Distance, and #16 Bitter End by Substance & Zameen-A. The release page for Fight Authority credits the vocals as samples of Cocoa Tea. All three of these are great I think, from the dubby atmospherics of Fight Authority to the more steppy Forgotten Demons to the moody bass of Bitter End.

While looking up the tracklist links for this mix I found that Access To Arasaka has reissued their back catalog in high-quality FLAC on their bandcamp page. Their older releases were previously (only?) available in high-quality but lossy mp3. I'm glad I can upgrade my copies to lossless. They've got a couple new releases too, l a k e s and telinit 6, will have to check those out.

The end of this mix came together around Vaccine's Cascade Failure. It neatly brings together and wraps up some of the various sounds and styles in this hour and is just incredible in every way on top of that. Completely heartbreaking and beautiful. Moody, as Megaphysics would say. It looks like most of Vaccine's work is available on beatport (including what's probably their most recognizable track Fever). I'll have to pick up some of those that I missed.

This was a good one I think, a good mix. Aside from an unfortunate buffer-zip noise at 22:39 the recording went well. The selections as a whole don't really make sense in retrospect but it's a journey, you know. Anyway I'll be back next week with another mix, Thursday evening as usual. Maybe something break-y.


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