MTT 234 / No Carrier

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MTT234 Spectrogram

Fast and noisy breaks, electro, and IDM this week. North of 140. Features a couple new tracks from Paradox and Parand. This one is coming in a few days late due to some technical difficulties.

This mix features some profanity so please consider your surroundings when listening. (One F-bomb is dropped by Parand near the end of the mix).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Scanone / Lexicon 00:00
  2. Tactical Systems / Mental Inertia 05:15
  3. Mr Velcro Fastener / Esc 08:46
  4. Kronos Device / Distress Signal 12:42
  5. Decal / Riptide 17:48
  6. Low Orbit Satellite / Projected Memories 21:42
  7. Paradox / Octa4 25:31
  8. Nomadic / Alpha Phix (Alpha 606 Guanabana Mix) 30:01
  9. Sky Tucker / Miami Nites 34:32
  10. DJ Controlled Weirdness V Dexorcist / The Monsters 37:16
  11. Bombdogs / A Touch Of The Old 41:50
  12. Sepehr / South Karana 46:10
  13. Aaron Spectre / Say More Fire 49:45
  14. Parand / The Telephone 54:14
  15. Kansas City Prophets / Puncture 58:02
  16. Mat Carter / Metroid Run 59:49

The new tracks (2020 and later) in this hour are #7 Octa4 by Paradox and #14 The Telephone by Parand. Both are great and worth checking out, I think. Track #9 Miami Nites by Sky Tucker is from the recently re-issued Pressing Matters on Schematic and was originally released in 2003 on The Record Camp.

Three tracks from Control Tower feature in this mix: #10 The Monsters by DJ Controlled Weirdness & Dexorcist, #11 A Touch Of The Old by Bombdogs (Dexorcist & Krude), and #15 Puncture by Kansas City Prophets (that last one for only a minute or so). I really like Control Tower, the early run of the label (up thru about 2006) is mostly fast, noisy, bass-y, mutant electro. Good stuff. Thankfully a lot of the catalog is available through beatport and junodownload. Thinking about it now I still need to pick up Bass Junkie's release on the label.

This mix is arriving two or three days late due to an extended internet outage. (An outage I used as an opportunity to take a brief break). I'll be back with something slow next week at my regular Thursday evening time (equipment willing).


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