MTT 232 / Under A Boom

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MTT232 Spectrogram

It's August again and that means time for bass. This week's selection is a mixture of electro bass, miami bass, and techno bass. This hour features new(ish) music from Bassbin Twins, Gucci Bass, JimiTheGenius & Merlyn, and Techmaster P.E.B. .

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. DJ Technician / Intro 00:00
  2. Techmaster P.E.B. / Machines 2020 01:24
  3. Bass Junkie & Debonaire / BassLab 05:02
  4. Drop Man / Drop Zone 08:28
  5. Aux 88 / Time Space 11:39
  6. Exzakt / Off Course 15:33
  7. Bassbin Twins / Frame 5: 808 19:14
  8. AS1 / Silent Target 20:41
  9. Drop Man / Techno Bass II 24:01
  10. Gucci Bass / Boogie Down 26:33
  11. Industrial Bass Machine / Artificial Intelligence 1991 31:07
  12. Eggfooyoung / Bass 2 Large 33:33
  13. Dynamix II / 1,000,000 Mhz 36:02
  14. Cybernet Systems / We Are Borg (DMX Krew's Bonus Borg Edit) 39:46
  15. JimiTheGenius & Merlyn / Just Listen 43:01
  16. Supreme.ja / The Darkside (Exzakt Bonus Beat) 46:31
  17. T.E.S.T. / Dark Matter 49:17
  18. Sbles3plex / The Virtual Place Is The Future (Xerodefx Remix) 53:19
  19. Novamen / There's No Escaping 57:21
  20. Excel / Don't Stop Now 61:46

The new (2018 and later) tracks in this mix are #2 Machines 2020 by Techmaster P.E.B., #7 Frame 5: 808 by the Bassbin Twins, #10 Boogie Down by Gucci Bass, and #15 Just Listen by JimiTheGenius & Merlyn on KUAD Recordings. Techmaster P.E.B. released an album last year called Subharmonix; I somehow missed it in the confusion of 2020. I haven't had time to listen to it closely but it seems good, bass in the classic smooth Techmaster P.E.B. style. Give it a listen if you like dreamy pads and deep sub-bass.

Three Phil Klein-related projects appear in this hour: Bass Junkie (his solo alias), Cybernet Systems (another solo alias), and Industrial Bass Machine (his project with Scott Weiser). Tracks #3 BassLab (with Debonaire), #14 We Are Borg (remixed by DMX Krew), and #11 Artificial Intelligencei 1991 respectively. I've got a couple of old Bass Junkie records but the tracks played here are from CD or digital download.

I really wish the Exceleration catalog was available digitally. Those are some of my absolute favorite bass records, particularly the two T.E.S.T. records (XCL005 and XCL007). I think Exzakt's tracks from Exceleration are available on his bandcamp but the rest seem to be locked away vinyl-only. There are three later T.E.S.T. albums too - Amazing Bass, Break Through, and ElectroPulse - none of which I can find for sale online anymore. That's a shame; those albums are incredible.

And that's all the time I have for writing notes today. A fine set, a couple transitions slipped a bit but that's OK. I'll be back next week Thursday evening with something faster for a change. More bass and electro.


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