Discord & Rhyme Episode 50: Steely Dan

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the Discord & Rhyme Podcast

Discord & Rhyme Episode 50 covering two albums by Steely Dan.

Taking a moment today to link to the Discord & Rhyme album review podcast's two-and-a-half hour episode 50 which covers Countdown To Ecstasy and Aja by Steely Dan. Discord & Rhyme is always good, but this episode on Steely Dan in particular helped me understand a difficult band. (And it's been cheering me up a lot over the last year). Warning for profanity; maybe don't listen to this at work or around kids.

Important questions are answered during this podcast. Questions like: Is Steely Dan for dads? Is Aja "slick" or "smooth"? Did Steely Dan enjoy 2006 in film? And many more.


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