MTT 212 / Passing Days

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MTT212 Spectrogram

Chill ambient and dub techno for a rainy afternoon. Slow(ish), 105-115. A couple tracks from Deepindub, a couple from Dewtone Recordings, a couple from Recycled Plastics, an old ambient tune by Coldcut, and more.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Low Orbit Satellite / Twelve 00:00
  2. Textural Being / The Sixth Gap, Pt. 2 06:31
  3. Alex Humann / Dawn 10:44
  4. Melotone / Downer 15:12
  5. Ali Khan / Lake 18:44
  6. Coldcut / 6 Music 4 No Musicians 22:06
  7. Albert Kuningas / Astraalivirtaus 26:31
  8. Late Invitation / The Late Invitation Theme 30:01
  9. Dublicator / Lonely Phantoms 34:17
  10. Waveform / Nova Prospect 38:14
  11. BMinor / Refurbished Echo Two (Summerlivesession) 42:41
  12. Xoki / Soaked Dub 45:21
  13. Massive Attack V Mad Professor / Trinity Dub (Three) 49:30
  14. Dcast Dynamics / The Giant Returns 53:02
  15. User18081971 / 18 SsbA 58:38

The Recycled Plastics tracks are #2 The Sixth Gap Pt. 2 by Textural Being and #4 Downer by Melotone. The Dewtone tracks are #3 Dawn by Alex Humann and #5 Lake by Ali Khan. And last the Deepindub tracks are #9 Lonely Phantoms by Dublicator and #10 Nova Prospect by Waveform. Dublicator (AKA MetaComplex AKA Tamás Olejnik)'s album Deep Roots is particularly good and worth a listen.

The Giant Returns by Dcast Dynamics is from their 2008 EP of the same name, one of the few Frustrated Funk pieces I have on vinyl. It's a very spaced out dubby electro EP, similar in some ways to Dcast's (Gosub's) earlier Low Volume Lovers EP, although slower. Be sure to check that one out if you haven't heard it before, it's really good.

That's all I've got today. There's a little sketchy beatmatching in here and my levels are wonky as usual; hope nobody minds too much. I'll be back next week (Thursday 25th) with something slower and chunkier. 80/90 BPM downtempo and IDM, something like that.


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