MTT 211 / Folding & Unfolding

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MTT211 Spectrogram

Techno and dub techno for this second week of March. 120 BPM head-nodding music. Features a couple tracks from Deepindub, a couple from Motorlab, and a couple recent purchases from 200 Records.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

  1. Seal Bient / Runout 02.03 00:00
  2. Deepchord Presents Echospace / Spatialdimension 04:00
  3. Bvdub / Tears For A Fallen Empire 08:24
  4. Low Orbit Satellite / 7am Monochrome 12:07
  5. Dequalsrxt / Caladan 1 14:22
  6. Zzzzra / Grotesque 18:28
  7. Organon / Unknown II 23:04
  8. Mark Broom / Runners 27:31
  9. Akcept / Going Around In Circles 30:42
  10. Hidden Sequence / Sun In My Eyes (Shadows Dub) 34:25
  11. Ben Businovski / Torque 38:50
  12. D.F.T. / D.F.T. Arranged 44:18
  13. Deepchord / Spiral 1 47:59
  14. Reference / Spacehood 51:36
  15. Brian Eno / Fractal Zoom (Naive Mix II) 56:27
  16. X343 / Page Two 61:45

Track 6 Grotesque by Zzzzra and track 7 Unknown II by Organon are both from the (now-inactive?) dub techno netlabel Deepindub. There's a lot of good dub techno on Deepindub, some of which I picked up a few years ago (and am still going through even now). I'll probably be playing more from them next week. (One of these days I'll have to read through their blog).

Track 10 Sun In My Eyes (Shadows Dub) by Hidden Sequence and track 14 Spacehood by Reference are both from the label 200 Records. Hidden Sequence is DJ Paul Simmons and Stefano Ugliano; Simmons is one half of the former State Logik, the same act that produced Electro Boogie and All You Need. Looking up Hidden Sequence now as I write this I see they've got a seriously good dub techno album called Moonlight Shift out on Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic Records. Will have to pick that up soon.

That's a Moby remix of Brian Eno's Fractal Zoom, the Naive Mix II. I don't know much about Moby's music from this time period; I've heard he put out more ambient slash techno music like this (maybe on his album Ambient). In any case this remix is fantastic. The copy played here is from the CD single; I believe it was also available on the 12".

I'm pretty happy with this. Some of these combinations are a stretch (I don't have much techno and dub techno to work with) but it mostly sounds OK. Good enough for me. I think I'll continue the four-on-the-floor trend one more week, so check back on the 18th for more like this, but slower.


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