Compact Discs

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Compact disc optical storage media. I have quite a few of these, both official releases and self-authored, somewhere in the hundreds. (And many that have been misplaced or sold over my life). Weird I haven't written more about stuff I have on CD.

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  1. June 2023 (1 post)
    1. @cev I was moving a box of CDs yesterday and found… .photo


  1. May 2022 (1 post)
    1. Red Orc, Professor Smith, and Voltage Music


  1. September 2021 (1 post)
    1. Media Shelves in FG Before Disassembly .photo


  1. December 2020 (1 post)
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  2. March 2020 (3 posts)
    1. @cev And while I'm rambling about this, here are a…
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