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List of RSS & Atom feeds I subscribe to. (Not including my own feeds.)


Name Description Frq
JWZ (Jamie Zawinski) Owner of DNA Lounge, Netscape fella 2/d


Name Description Frq
5-4 Podcast Why the supreme court sucks 1/w
ALAB Series Extremely online lawyers 1/d
Anime World Order The holier-than-thou know-it-alls 1/d
ANN After Show Anime News Network's podcast 1/d
Backlisted Literary podcast 1/d
Decoding The Gurus Two academics analyze & debunk Gurus 1/d
Discord & Rhyme Excellent album review podcast 1/d
Eat The Rich Late stage capitalism's death rattle 1/d
Greatest Movie Ever! Paul Chapman's movie discussion show 1/d
IDEOTV Pod Bad books discussion show 1/d
In Our Time Radio 4 show hosted by Melvyn Bragg 1/d
Knowledge Fight Two comedians debunk Alex Jones 1/d
Live At The Death Factory Scum Cinema 1/d
Our Opinions Are Correct Science Fiction & Science topics 1/d
Overdue Book review podcast 1/d
Path Of Night VtM 20th anniv. ed. actual play 1/d
The Projection Booth Mike White's movie discussion show 1/d
QAnon Anonymous Debunking QAnon, Famous 1/d
Wozowski Drum & Bass mix series 1/w
The Writer And The Critic Book discussion podcast 1/d

Youtube Subscriptions

Name Description Frq
Optimum Tech Computer hardware reviews 1/d
power_of_heavy_metal Quake 3 Defrag videos 1/w