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MTT303 Spectrogram

Acid (mostly house, a little breaks) for number 303. A couple of tracks from Creme Organization, a couple from Mantra's Second Age EP, a couple from the Swishcotheque Acid Cuts 1 compilation, a couple from Chris Moss Acid. Pretty energetic stuff.

Profanity warning for this one, there's some swearing in here (somewhere).

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. FUSE / Theychx 00:00
02. Delayscape / Collapsar_Jump 04:53
03. Underground Resistance / Quadrasonic 08:47
04. Mantra / Pop Ya Head 13:33
05. Psychic TV / Tribal 16:40
06. Metro [L.A.] / Green Line Acid 21:55
07. Luke Vibert / Acid 2000 27:57
08. Nation 12 / Listen To The Drummer 31:14
09. Chris Moss Acid / Party People In The House 35:26
10. Mantra / Smoke And Mirrors 38:45
11. Raheem Hershel / Gotta Have The Pokey 41:52
12. Leroy & the Black Diaspora / Be Somebody 45:03
13. Hula / Hot Hands (hott handZ Edit) 49:16
14. Traxx ft. Legowelt / MTT Inversion 52:24
15. Chris Moss Acid / Niacin's Touch 57:05

Nothing new this week I'm afraid. Some interesting records though - old Bassex, Mathematics (that I talked over at the end), Luke Vibert acid on Planet Mu, one of the Secret Mixes & Fixes bootlegs (vol. 3). The sorts of things you end up with when you don't collect the style but occasionally pick up a piece or two over years.

Sometimes a record is so good you've got to flip it over and play the other side. That's what's happening with #12 Be Somebody and #14 MTT Inversion, both from the creme12-36 two-tracker on (of course) Creme Org, both sides among my favorite acid tracks. (And for completeness: track 11 Gotta Have The Pokey by Raheem Hershel AKA Legowelt is also on Creme Organization).

I didn't realize this was episode 303 until a few days ago so this set and selection was put together pretty quickly. And pardon my sloppiness, I've got no idea how to mix acid (or four-on-the-floor music in general).

As always I've included links back to where you can purchase these releases in the tracklist above. (And chances are good those digital releases will sound better than some of the copies played in this mix). I'll be back next week with this year's tracker music mix. Not sure what that looks like yet; will likely include a lot of Tokyo Dawn.


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