MTT 286 / Per Square Inch

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MTT286 Spectrogram

More bass for this third week of August. This mix features a couple tracks off old bass CDs by Bass 305, Beat Dominator, and Techmaster P.E.B. as well as a bit of techno around the end by DJ T-1000 and Model 500. Plus, y'know, some good electro, as usual.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Mariska Neerman / Anima Sola 00:00
02. Eurobass Express / The Enigma Of Bass (German Club Mix) 02:15
03. Beat Dominator / Deep Dream 05:35
04. Drop Man / Techno Bass II 08:39
05. Techmaster P.E.B. / Technohaus 11:52
06. Bass 305 / B.A.S.E. Mission 305 (Air Raid Remix) 14:48
07. Aux 88 / Sonic Boom 17:37
08. Novamen / We Love 21:56
09. Old School Players / Body Mechanic 25:52
10. Techno Bass Crew / Bass XS 30:02
11. Beat Dominator / Bass Kraft 33:33
12. Darxid / Flashback 36:53
13. Eggfooyoung / Bass Bin 41:15
14. DJ R21 / Illumination 44:47
15. Model 500 / The Passage 49:09
16. Level A and DJ T-1000 / Nikita 54:20
17. $tinkworx / Mudpump 57:36

Four tracks from DM Records appear in this set: #2 Enigma Of Bass by Eurobass Express (a Bass 305 alias), #6 B.A.S.E. Mission 305 by Bass 305, #9 Body Mechanic by the Old School Players (a cover of Quadrant Six of course), and #10 Bass XS by the Techno Bass Crew. I like most of what I've heard from DM Records, their hit rate is pretty high.

The two Beat Dominator tracks (#3 and #11) are from the same CD: Techno Bass on Pandisc Records. That and its sequel Bass Station Zero are both great & worth a listen.

Track #16 Nikita by Level A and DJ T-1000 is being played from the digital re-release available from T-1000's bandcamp. It doesn't totally fit here but I really wanted to hear it today. Heavy, full of attitude, awesome tune. Unfortunately I kinda flubbed the mix on both ends of it.

Writing in a hurry again so I'm gonna leave it there. Thanks for listening & please check out the links above if you hear something you like. I'll be back next week with another mix, not sure what yet. Sub-100 bass of some variety.


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