Galaxy Toobin' by the Galaxy Toobin' Gang

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Galaxy Toobin' by the Galaxy Toobin' Gang (Eliot Lipp & William T. Burnett). Released on Crème Organization in 2008. Vinyl, 12" 33 RPM, Creme LP-07. Flac, 16bit/44.1khz, 262M. Tracklist and credits from the label artwork. Track durations, file size, bit depth, and bitrate are from my stored recordings of the vinyl. BPM I tap-tempoed (and is probably wrong).

No.Artist / Title BPMDur.
A1.Galaxy Toobin' / Toobin Problems 10205:45
A2.Galaxy Toobin' / Things Are Looking Up 10704:40
A3.Galaxy Toobin' / Snake River 12008:31
A4.Galaxy Toobin' / Friday Afternoon Toobin' 12004:08
B1.Galaxy Toobin' / The Day Of The Duel Is Approaching 11905:43
B2.Galaxy Toobin' / God's Day 10507:21
B3.Galaxy Toobin' / Entering Snake Pass 09706:34
B4.Galaxy Toobin' / Toobin' Theme 09205:58

All eight tracks are analog synth-driven ambient electronic pieces with a strong but somewhat distant beat. The cover artwork, a fella innertubing through the cosmos, pretty well captures the tone of this album I think: dreamy, fun, gentle, playful, sometimes cold and sometimes warm. It has the feeling of an exciting, perilous, and ultimately successful voyage.

I suspect this record was made in reference or tribute to a bunch of '70s & early '80s ambient music (most of which I've never heard). Tangerine Dream and other Kosmische Musik, new age music, old library music, and so on. All things I wish I knew more about.

This is one of my favorite records to put on while working and/or spacing out. As an album it flows well and is easy to listen to straight through. It's also one of my favorites to sneak into mixes, particularly electro and IDM sets (this played well at the arcade). Every piece of it makes me happy.

You can find Galaxy Toobin' for sale at Crème Organization's bandcamp, Eliot Lipp's bandcamp, and William T. Burnett's bandcamp, as well as at numerous other storefronts online (Beatport, Junodownload, etc.). Or you might find it the way I did, hanging out in a used bin at your local record shop. Some tracks are longer on the digital and CD versions of the album when compared to the vinyl (due, I assume, to the time constraints of a 12" LP).

If you haven't heard Galaxy Toobin' before I highly recommend it. It's a good time and always lifts my spirits.


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