Many Worlds by Permutation

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Many Worlds by Permutation. Written and produced by Permutation (Dmitry Bogdanov & Edgar D-Mode). Released on Permutation Records in 2019. Digital release, flac, 16bit/44.1khz, ~145M.

Tracklist and credits from the album artwork. Bit depth, bitrate, filesize, and track durations from my downloaded copy. BPM I tap-tempoed myself.

No.Artist / Title BPMDur.
01.Permutation / Evolution 13005:13
02.Permutation / Memories Of The Future 12805:03
03.Permutation / Dreams 13004:59
04.Permutation / Odyssey 13208:14

Four tracks of brilliant thoughtful techno-electro. Going through the songs in order Evolution is the most "electro" of them, with kicks on 14 & 20 and a driving synth pulse. Memories Of The Future is my favorite here, I love how floaty it is and that shift of the fourth kick a couple of ticks back. Dreams has a syncopated beat with a similar shift (snare on 22) and lovely pad work. The final track Odyssey is a four-on-the-floor piece that reminds me of old B12 or Black Dog, squiggly synth lines and busy drum machines.

This EP would play well at the arcade, I think. It'd work for an audience that wants something a little challenging, a little funky & weird, but not too noisy or confrontational. I really enjoy mixing these tracks, so much so that I've featured all four of them in sets over the last year and a half: 194, 210, 259, 268.

Many Worlds can be found at Permutation's bandcamp page in both digital and 12" vinyl formats. (As I'm writing this four copies of the 12" are available there). The EP can also be found on youtube (thru this Many Worlds playlist) and spotify. Permutation Music and Edgar D-Mode have youtube channels as well.

While writing this article I noticed that Permutation has a new record in the works: Permutation 02 "Epicycles", scheduled for release June 2022. The preview linked on the Permutation Records website sounds awesome; I look forward to picking it up and playing it this summer.


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