MTT 266 / Blue Surface

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MTT266 Spectrogram

Drum & bass vinyl & digital this week. Used bin finds, netlabel releases, some old tracker mods, and a couple more recent pieces. This mix features tracks by Boymerang, Funky Technicians, Seba, two by Fanu (including one from his recent Old Tracker Stuff compilation), and more.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Kontext / Thaw (Dissident Remix) 00:00
02. Funky Technicians / Ninja 04:46
03. [NSF] Sick & Destroy / Heartbeat 08:34
04. Mad-E / Mushrooms On Top 12:57
05. Boymerang / Urban Space 16:22
07. Tyree / Solitude 27:29
08. Fanu / Black Velvet 31:04
09. Krii / So Close To You (July Mix) 35:56
10. Seba / A Wonderful World 40:43
11. Kitcat / Fall 46:13
12. Fanu & Mad-E / Reach The Orbit 48:53
13. Jason oS / Station 53:42
14. Sully / Hours, Miles & Still... 58:20

Both track #3 Hearbeat by Sick & Destroy and #13 Station by Jason oS are from the old Digibeat Music catalog, and are available now from Omni Music on the Digitized Part 1 compilation. That's a good comp, a good selection from the Digibeat catalog, and is worth a look & listen if you like Hearbeat and Station.

There's a bunch of Mostvaluableplayaz in this mix: tracks #4, 8, 11, and 12. Track #8 Black Velvet was recently re-released by Fanu on a compilation called Old Tracker Stuff available on his bandcamp. As an old tracker myself I'm really happy to see Fanu acknowledge his early work, and was happy to pick up Old Tracker Stuff a couple days ago. I doubt I had any influence on the decision, but this is exactly what I had hoped to see happen when I mixed MTT 252. I think a lot of the old late '90s tracker drum & bass still holds up well today; Black Velvet certainly does.

Some of the mixing in this is a bit more loose than I'd like, particularly the transition from #10 A Wonderful World to #11 Fall. I hope it doesn't distract from the music too much. Anyway I'll be back with another mix next week. Thursday evening, my usual time. Electro I think. 'till then.


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