MTT 265 / Head In The Sky

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MTT265 Spectrogram

A weird mish-mash of styles this week - ambient, dub techno, electro, IDM, etc. This mix features two tracks from the Heavy Dub compilations on Cold Tear Records and three tracks from Recycled Plastics. Also featured at the end of the mix is a new track by Vertical67 on Brokntoys (though unfortunately I talked over most of it).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Textural Being / Intro 00:00
02. Babe Roots ft. Ixm / Jah Nuh Dub 04:18
03. Tikiman / The Sound 08:13
04. Minimal Boffin / Oh No Dub 10:07
05. Giriu Dvasios / Duno Upe (Dublicator Remix) 14:51
06. 沙漠里的沙子晚上很温暖 / Constellation 18:20
07. Waveform / Fractal 20:50
08. Brother Blue / Royal Secret 26:40
09. Melotone / Gray Sky 31:19
10. Ben Businovski / Second Chance 35:02
11. D'Arcangelo / Stepping Out 40:33
12. Bola / Shoob,e 44:03
13. Kenney Beltrey & Dawn / Arctic Life 48:25
14. Dagobert / Atmosphere 52:33
15. Vertical67 / Mystics 55:39

Track 4 Oh No Dub by Minimal Boffin and track 5 Duno Upe (Dublicator Remix) by Giriu Dvasios are both from the Heavy Dub series of compilations on Cold Tear Records. (#4 is from Heavy Dub 2, #5 from Heavy Dub 3). Checking now I see there's a new entry in the series, Heavy Dub Vol. 7, released this month. These are all great comps, heavy dub and dub techno, as the name suggests, and are all available for free / name-your-price. (And happy birthday Cold Tear Records!).

Tracks 1 (Intro by Textural Being), 8 (Royal Secret by Brother Blue), and 9 (Gray Sky by Melotone) are all from the label Recycled Plastics, their Bedroom Compost series. These are older pieces, 2014 and 2015 I think. Faded dub techno business. All three of those releases are currently name-your-price at bandcamp.

The one new track this hour is #15 Mystics by Vertical67 from their album Abandoned Places out January on Brokntoys. Cryptic, moody stuff. Static and Mystics are great. (And sorry again for talking over Mystics, it was a good track to exit Atmosphere with, and I was at about an hour, so...).

One last piece I'd like to call out is track #13 Arctic Life by Kenny Beltrey & Dawn from the old tracker & mp3 netlabel Milk. Excellent floaty impulse tracker IDM from 1999 & a more conventional example from the often very odd Milk catalog. The track title link above will take you to which has flac and mp3 downloads for the song (in other words, you won't have to render it from .it yourself).

It's getting late in the day for me here so that'll have to do it for notes. I'll be back next week at the usual time with another mix; not sure what I'll do for the fifth Thursday. Maybe something fast.


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