MTT 264 / Arbitrary Scheme

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MTT264 Spectrogram

An hour of mostly Dub Techno. A couple new (2021 and later) tracks by Blurred Hologram and Dublicator, a few from old tunes from Deepindub, a few from Rohs Records. Taking it easy, letting tracks run long.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. G.R.I.T. / Closure 00:00
02. Blurred Hologram / Phases 05:20
03. Dublicator / Sublimed 10:48
04. Zzzzra / La Savate 15:24
05. Low Orbit Satellite / Twelve (-1 Dub) 19:44
06. R.M / O 24:10
07. grad_u / EV -3 27:53
08. Marco Cassanelli / Departure At 6:00 A.M. 33:58
09. D.F.T. / D.F.T. Live 37:28
10. Rob Velasquez / Parallel Verse 41:41
11. Taras Vinnichenko / Warm Bubble 47:12
12. Legowelt / Dare To Dream 51:39
13. X343 / Page Two 58:52

Going over the new tracks we've got #02 Phases by Blurred Hologram on [No Problema Tapes][npt] released 2021, #03 Sublimed by Dublicator released 2021 thru Tamás Olejnik's bandcamp page, and finally #11 Warm Bubble by Taras Vinnichenko released 2020 on Motion Related Records. All three are good & worth a listen if you like what you hear in this mix. (In particular Vinnichenko's Change Yourself has a sweet techno-electro track on the B side that I'm sure I'll play in a mix here soon).

Track #12 Dare To Dream is from Legowelt's album TEAC Life; that's one I keep returning to, kind of without meaning to, without thinking about it. I have a fond memory of listening to TEAC Life on a long train trip into Portland sometime back in 2012-2013. Great album. Smooth. Might write an article about it soon, I've certainly played it enough over the years to warrant one.

That'll do it for me today. I'll be back next week Thursday evening with another mix, something slower again, more dubby stuff.


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