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MTT263 Spectrogram

Techno & dub techno for a change. I don't think there's anything new this time, but there are a few classics and recent reissues including tracks by Maurizio, Robert Hood, and Convextion.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Melotone / Isolation 00:00
02. Marko Furstenberg / Reactor3 03:39
03. Lorentz / Geometry 07:14
04. Zwart Licht Kommando / U.L.F. 11:17
05. Daniel Blomqvist / Delay 15:43
06. Underworld / Oich Oich 20:08
07. Aura Fresh / Heliosphere 24:21
08. Ohrwert / Blavus 29:18
09. Brother Blue / Seven Sisters 33:02
10. John Tejada & Divine Styler / Ataraxis 37:55
11. Maurizio / M-4 B 41:55
12. Robert Hood / And Then We Planned Our Escape 46:57
13. Convextion / Crawling & Hungry 53:11
14. W-Moon / Si-Ki 58:57

Two labels appear twice in this mix: track #1 Isolation by Melotone and track #9 Seven Sisters by Brother Blue are both from Recycled Plastics, and track #2 Reactor3 by Marko Furstenberg and #5 Delay by Daniel Blomqvist are both from the famous netlabel Thinner. The 2010s and 2000s, respectively; the 2000s are showing their age a bit, I think.

The last two tracks of this hour were reissued relatively recently, Crawling & Hungry by Convextion on Mojuba Records in 2018 and Si-Ki by W-Moon on Ranges in 2019. The skeletal Crawling & Hungry is the second untitled track on that Mojuba release, If I remember correctly. Both were sourced from vinyl for this mix (Crawling & Hungry from Swayzak's Groovetechnology, Si-Ki from the Envisionary EP).

A couple more I'd like to call out. First: John Tejada & Divine Styler's Ataraxis from the Colapsus comp on Sound-Ink. Great track on a great experimental hip-hop & weird beats collection from New York; I wish I could find more Sound-Ink. Second: Robert Hood's And Then We Planned Our Escape from his Hoodmusic 3 EP. One of my favorite techno records. (And I've got to mention that I have Planned Our Escape timestretched down to something like 126 here; sorry if it sounds a bit smeared.)

And that's all I've got today. I don't have a lot of techno to work with so I hope you'll excuse some odd choices. I'll be back next week Thursday evening PST with another mix, more dub techno I think, this time at a relaxed 120. Thanks for listening and be sure to check out the links above if you're interested in these releases.


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