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MTT262 Spectrogram

An hour of electro to kick off MTT Year 6. This mix features new tracks by DJ Di'jital and Versalife (both from 2021), as well as a bunch of tunes from 2020.

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. ADJ / Raw 00:00
02. Sonar Base / Welcome To Sonar Base #4 03:52
03. E.M.S. / Spyware 07:44
04. Silicon Scally / Mr. Machine 12:06
05. Lloyd Stellar / Starbase 2080 16:43
06. Sepehr / Thinking Of You (Stratowerx + A-Future Remix) 20:35
07. Aux 88 / The DJ 24:11
08. DJ Di'jital / CrackWorld 28:08
09. T.E.S.T. vs. HollowgraphiK / Xenophobe 31:57
10. Grammar Of Movement / Model 1600 36:28
11. Automat / Hardware 40:01
12. Versalife / Cone Of Silence 44:17
13. Gucci Bass / Over The Bight 49:44
14. Stiver / Whatever 54:57
15. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / Music Noir 58:02

The first new track here is #8 CrackWorld by DJ Di'jital from his ElectroHop II EP on TRUST. I think the EP is about a year old; I picked it up last May. I've had it on rotation since. Good stuff, a good followup to ElectroHop1. It fits in the mix as a modern technobass piece to follow the Aux 88's 1995 The DJ. (And sorry about forgetting the name of this EP when reading the tracklist).

The other new track is #12 Cone Of Silence by Versalife from his Shape Shifter 2 EP on Delsin, released November 2021. Just picked this one up, all four tracks on it are great, faster than the few other Versalife pieces I have. (If you pick up a copy and also happen to have a copy of the Basscadet Remixes EP I suggest you try mixing Beaumont Hannant's Mix of Basscadet into the end of Phosphorescence, it's sick. I'm sure I'll do it for this show eventually, but not today.)

There are a few other recent (2020) tunes in this mix, namely #5 Starbase 2080 by Lloyd Stellar from The Dark Star Cult EP, #10 Model 1600 by Grammar Of Movement from the Plastic Games EP, and #13 Over The Bight by Gucci Bass from the Lunar Operations EP. I recommend all three of those EPs (and in particular Gucci Bass's Lunar Operations, I'm really glad to hear new stuff from Salim Rafiq).

Alright it's coming up on 10 PM so I'm gonna call the notes there. This is a pretty typical set for me, maybe a little predictable, and I make most of my usual mistakes in it. I'm OK with that; it's a good way to start a new year, a new series. I'll be back next week Thursday evening PST with something different, probably something four-on-the-floor, dub techno & techno.


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