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# browser
bind -f browser backspace browser-up
bind -f browser space win-activate
bind -f browser i toggle show_hidden
bind -f browser u win-update
# meeses
bind -f common mouse_scroll_up win-up
bind -f common mouse_scroll_down win-down
bind -f common mlb_click_selected win-activate
# keys
bind -f common ~ run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -p {}
bind -f common ! run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e artist {}
bind -f common @ run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e tracktitle {}
bind -f common # run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e albumtitle {}
bind -f common $ run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e date {}
bind -f common % run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e genre {}
bind -f common ^ run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e bpm {}
bind -f common & run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e key {}
bind -f common * run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e albumartist {}
bind -f common ( run alacritty -e /home/cev/bin/ -e comment {}
# bind -f common ) run
bind -f common _ run /home/cev/bin/ -d {}
bind -f common + run /home/cev/bin/ {}
# copied from the default cmus rc
bind -f common , seek -1m
bind -f common - vol -10%
bind -f common . seek +1m
bind -f common 1 view tree
bind -f common 2 view sorted
bind -f common 3 view playlist
bind -f common 4 view queue
bind -f common 5 view browser
bind -f common 6 view filters
bind -f common 7 view settings
bind -f common = vol +10%
bind -f common C toggle continue
bind -f common D win-remove
bind -f common E win-add-Q
bind -f common F push filter
bind -f common G win-bottom
bind -f common I echo {}
bind -f common L push live-filter
bind -f common M toggle play_library
bind -f common N search-prev
bind -f common P win-mv-before
bind -f common [ vol +1% +0
bind -f common ] vol +0 +1%
bind -f common ^B win-page-up
bind -f common ^C echo Type :quit<enter> to exit cmus.
bind -f common ^E win-scroll-down
bind -f common ^F win-page-down
bind -f common ^L refresh
bind -f common ^R toggle repeat_current
bind -f common ^Y win-scroll-up
bind -f common a win-add-l
bind -f common b player-next
bind -f common c player-pause
bind -f common delete win-remove
bind -f common down win-down
bind -f common e win-add-q
bind -f common end win-bottom
bind -f common enter win-activate
bind -f common f toggle follow
bind -f common g win-top
bind -f common h seek -5
bind -f common home win-top
bind -f common i win-sel-cur
bind -f common j win-down
bind -f common J win-bottom
bind -f common k win-up
bind -f common K win-top
bind -f common l seek +5
bind -f common left seek -5
bind -f common m toggle aaa_mode
bind -f common n search-next
bind -f common o toggle play_sorted
bind -f common p win-mv-after
bind -f common q quit -i
bind -f common page_down win-page-down
bind -f common page_up win-page-up
bind -f common r toggle repeat
bind -f common right seek +5
bind -f common s toggle shuffle
bind -f common space win-toggle
bind -f common t toggle show_remaining_time
bind -f common tab win-next
bind -f common u update-cache
bind -f common U win-update-cache
bind -f common up win-up
bind -f common v player-stop
bind -f common x player-play
bind -f common y win-add-p
bind -f common z player-prev
bind -f common { vol -1% -0
bind -f common } vol -0 -1%
# colors
colorscheme cev
# settings
set altformat_playlist=%f%= %d
set altformat_trackwin=%f%= %d
set follow=true
set format_current=%02n %a / %t%= %3{bpm} %-7c %y %5{duration}
set format_playlist=%02n %a / %t%= %3{bpm} %-7c %y %5{duration}
set format_playlist_va=%02n %A // %a / %t%= %3{bpm} %-7c %y %5{duration}
set format_statusline=%{status} %{?show_playback_position?%{position} %{?duration?/ %{duration} }?%{?duration?%{duration} }}- %{total} %{?volume>=0?vol: %{?lvolume!=rvolume?%{lvolume},%{rvolume} ?%{volume} }} %{?stream?buf: %{buffer} } %{?show_current_bitrate & bitrate>=0? %{bitrate} kbps } %= %{?repeat_current?repeat current?%{?play_library?%{playlist_mode} from %{?play_sorted?sorted }library?playlist}} | %1{continue}%1{follow}%1{repeat}%1{shuffle}
set format_title=%a / %t
set format_trackwin=%02n %t%= %3{bpm} %-7c %5{duration}
set format_trackwin_album= %l
set format_trackwin_va=%02n %a / %t%= %3{bpm} %-7c %5{duration}
set format_treewin= %l
set format_treewin_artist=%a
set input.aac.priority=0
set input.ffmpeg.priority=30
set input.flac.priority=50
set input.modplug.priority=0
set input.mp4.priority=0
set input.opus.priority=0
set input.vorbis.priority=0
set input.wav.priority=0
set lib_add_filter=!filename="*.zip"&!filename="*.xm"&!filename="*.umx"&!filename="*.s3m"&!filename="*.mtm"&!filename="*.mod"&!filename="*.it"
set lib_sort=albumartist date album discnumber tracknumber
set mouse=true
set replaygain=album-preferred
set softvol=true
set softvol_state=77 77
# filter presets
fset BPM-000=bpm=0
fset BPM-050=bpm>0&bpm<60
fset BPM-060=bpm>=58&bpm<70
fset BPM-070=bpm>=68&bpm<80
fset BPM-080=bpm>=78&bpm<90
fset BPM-090=bpm>=88&bpm<100
fset BPM-100=bpm>=98&bpm<110
fset BPM-110=bpm>=108&bpm<120
fset BPM-120=bpm>=119&bpm<130
fset BPM-130=bpm>=129&bpm<140
fset BPM-140=bpm>=139&bpm<150
fset BPM-150=bpm>=149&bpm<160
fset BPM-160=bpm>=158&bpm<170
fset BPM-170=bpm>=168&bpm<180
fset BPM-180=bpm>=178
fset Date-1960s=date>=1960&date<1970
fset Date-1970s=date>=1970&date<1980
fset Date-1980s=date>=1980&date<1990
fset Date-1990s=date>=1990&date<2000
fset Date-2000s=date>=2000&date<2010
fset Date-2010s=date>=2010&date<2020
fset Date-2020s=date>=2020&date<2030
fset Genre-Acid=genre="Acid"
fset Genre-Ambient=genre="Ambient"
fset Genre-Breaks=genre="Breaks"
fset Genre-Chiptune=genre="Chiptune"
fset Genre-Demoscene=genre="Demoscene"
fset Genre-Disco=genre="Disco"
fset Genre-Downtempo=genre="Downtempo"
fset Genre-DnB=genre="Drum & Bass"
fset Genre-Dub=genre="Dub"
fset Genre-DubTechno=genre="Dub Techno"
fset Genre-Dubstep=genre="Dubstep"
fset Genre-Electro=genre="Electro"
fset Genre-Electronic=genre="Electronic"
fset Genre-Freestyle=genre="Freestyle"
fset Genre-Funk=genre="Funk"
fset Genre-GothRock=genre="Goth Rock"
fset Genre-Hiphop=genre="Hip-Hop"
fset Genre-House=genre="House"
fset Genre-IDM=genre="IDM"
fset Genre-Industrial=genre="Industrial"
fset Genre-Juke=genre="Juke"
fset Genre-Miami=genre="Miami Bass"
fset Genre-Minimal=genre="Minimal"
fset Genre-Noise=genre="Noise"
fset Genre-Reggae=genre="Reggae"
fset Genre-Rock=genre="Rock"
fset Genre-Skweee=genre="Skweee"
fset Genre-Soundtrack=genre="Soundtrack"
fset Genre-Synthpop=genre="Synthpop"
fset Genre-Techno=genre="Techno"
fset Genre-Trance=genre="Trance"
fset Genre-Triphop=genre="Trip-Hop"
fset Genre-UKGarage=genre="UK Garage"
fset Genre-Vaporwave=genre="Vaporwave"
fset Genre-WitchHouse=genre="Witch House"
fset Key-Abm=comment="1A*"
fset Key-Ebm=comment="2A*"
fset Key-Bbm=comment="3A*"
fset Key-Fm=comment="4A*"
fset Key-Cm=comment="5A*"
fset Key-Gm=comment="6A*"
fset Key-Dm=comment="7A*"
fset Key-Am=comment="8A*"
fset Key-Em=comment="9A*"
fset Key-Bm=comment="10A*"
fset Key-Gbm=comment="11A*"
fset Key-Dbm=comment="12A*"
fset Key-B=comment="1B*"
fset Key-Gb=comment="2B*"
fset Key-Db=comment="3B*"
fset Key-Ab=comment="4B*"
fset Key-Eb=comment="5B*"
fset Key-Bb=comment="6B*"
fset Key-F=comment="7B*"
fset Key-C=comment="8B*"
fset Key-G=comment="9B*"
fset Key-D=comment="10B*"
fset Key-A=comment="11B*"
fset Key-E=comment="12B*"
fset Missing-AlbumArtist=!stream&(albumartist="")
fset Missing-BPM=!stream&(bpm=-1)
fset Missing-Primary=!stream&(artist=""|album=""|title=""|tracknumber=-1|date=-1)
fset Format-FLAC=filename="*.flac"
fset Format-MP3=filename="*.mp3"

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