Git Repos / blogofile_gitview / _templates / gitview / git_header.mako

Last commit to this repo was on 2022-01-23 at 14:14.

<%page args="name, lastcommit, extra"/>\
bcgp = bf.config.gitview.path
second = '<a href="/{}/{}/">{}</a>'.format(
bf.config.gitview.path, name, name)
% if extra:
<h2><a href="/${bcgp}/">Git Repos</a> / ${second} / ${extra}</h2>
% else:
<h2><a href="/${bcgp}/">Git Repos</a> / ${second}</h2>
% endif
<p>Last commit to this repo was on ${lastcommit.strftime("%Y-%m-%d at %H:%M")}.
% if bf.template_context.template_name == "git_repo.mako":
You can jump to the <a href="#files">file list</a>, the
<a href="#commits">commit log</a>, the <a href="#branchlist">branches</a>,
or <a href="#taglist">tags</a>.
% endif

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