Git Repos / blogofile_gitview / _templates / gitview / git_files.mako

Last commit to this repo was on 2022-01-23 at 14:14.

<%inherit file="site.mako"/>\
prestyle = "style=\"font-family: 'Inconsolata', monospace; \""
repourl = bf.util.site_path_helper(bf.config.gitview.reporoot,
repourl = + repourl + ".git"
third = '<a href="/{}/{}/log.html">commit log</a>, '.format(
bf.config.gitview.path, repo['name'])
third += 'file list, '
third += 'refs'
<%def name="git_header(name, l, extra)">\
<%include file="git_header.mako" args="name=name, lastcommit=l, extra=extra"/>\
<%def name="file_list(files)">\
<%include file="git_file_list.mako" args="files=files"/>\
${self.git_header(repo['name'], repo['last_commit'], third)}
<p>You can clone this repo with
<span ${prestyle}>git clone ${repourl}.git</span>&nbsp;.</p>
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