Git Repos / blogofile_gitview / _templates / gitview / git_commit_list.mako

Last commit to this repo was on 2022-01-23 at 14:14.

<%page args="commits"/>\
<section class="commits"><table><tr>
<th class="commdate">Date</th>
<th class="commmesg">Commit Message</th>
<th class="commauth">Author</th>
<th class="commcha">F</th>
<th class="commins">+</th>
<th class="commdel">-</th></tr>
% for c in commits:
% if c == None:
<tr><td class="commdate"></td>
<td class="commmesg">More commits remaining [...]</td>
<td class="commauth"></td>
<td class="commcha"></td>
<td class="commins"></td>
<td class="commdel"></td></tr>
% else:
<tr><td class="commdate">${c['date'].strftime("%Y-%m-%d")}</td>
<td class="commmesg"><a href="${c['id']}.html">${c['summary']}</a></td>
<td class="commauth">${c['author']}</td>
<td class="commcha">${c['ds_changed']}</td>
<td class="commins">+${c['ds_insert']}</td>
<td class="commdel">-${c['ds_delete']}</td></tr>
% endif
% endfor

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