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MTT313 Spectrogram

95-105 stuff - IDM, downtempo, etc. - for this last show of MTT Year 6. This mix features (relatively) recent tracks by Obergman and KEDA8 (by way of Cottage Industries 11) and, of course, a bunch of old favorites.

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No. Artist / Title Start
01. Rokton Ensemble / Runout 05.04 00:00
02. Solo / Orbiting Saturn 03:08
03. Melotone / Silently Waiting 07:05
04. Dune / Not Blue 11:03
05. Mikron / Marble Cross 14:15
06. Photek / Terminus 18:31
07. Dimomib / Lights Of Blue 23:10
08. Obergman / Cassiopeia 27:31
09. KEDA8 / Innocence 30:41
10. Reedale Rise / X-K 34:10
11. Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza & SkyTwoHigh / Hoeschpark 38:11
12. Being / The Tide Remix By Lunasol 42:13
13. Plastikman / Lasttrak 46:42
14. Boards Of Canada / Happy Cycling 52:28
15. Scatterbattery / Necksday Yufo 56:00

The recent tracks here are (I think) #8 Cassiopeia by Obergman from 2022, #9 Innocence by KEDA8 also from 2022, and #12 The Tide Remix By Lunasol by Being re-released a week or so ago. I'm still really digging that Tides Remix Album, be sure to check that out if you haven't.

The mix from #13 Lasttrak to #14 Happy Cycling is, uhm, ambitious and maybe not a great idea, but it felt right at the time. It's a little too busy on second listen & goes on too long (three minutes? something like that). I got a little carried away I guess.

This hour is a bit more loose than I'd like in general; I hope it doesn't distract from the music too much. This is the last mix of MTT Year 6; the show will continue with Year 7 next week (hopefully Thursday evening). I'm thinking something fast, mid 130s electro, some old Satamile releases maybe.


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