Shadowrun Returns on FreeBSD

Posted by Cameron Vanderzanden on in notes. Source file.
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Writing to report that the Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games (Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong) all run under FreeBSD. I got them working by following the Linux Binary Compatibility chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook (using the CentOS base system linux-c7 as instructed by 10.3) and then installing the linux-nvidia-libs package to support my graphics card. After that I was able to directly execute the Linux binaries downloaded from GOG. (This configuration is, of course, not officially supported by anyone. I got it to work but I can't guarantee that it'll work for anyone else.)

I like these games a lot. They're an interesting combination of tactical combat RPG and '90s Shadowrun novelization. The second one, Dragonfall, is my favorite of the trilogy, I think it has the best balance of those elements. I've had a rare crash or two while playing Dragonfall but otherwise all three games run flawlessly for me.


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