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Part of my DJing process is to take notes while practicing. I started with notes on paper for performances at Ground Kontrol and switched to text files in 2017 for the internet radio mixes. I do this to help figure out and remember transitions, and to reflect on old sets.

I thought it might be nice to publish these text files, so I did. They're now available in the Work / MTT page of the external memory section of this website. You can also find a "work file" link in individual mix pages that will take you to the associated practice notes.

BPM counts and (especially) keys listed in these files are only estimates. Some of the notes are in shorthand. And I haven't gone back to clean up or edit any of the files so I wouldn't be surprised if I've written something foolish in them.

Maybe they'll be useful to somebody out there; if nothing else, I can now browse my work notes when away from home.


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