Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / Aug 2013

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2013 marked the fifth year of "Detroit vs. Miami", a little theme night that DJ Popcorn started at Ground Kontrol. To mark the occasion, I set aside a few of my favorite Miami Bass & Florida Electro records and took some pictures.

cuidv2-1001: Various / Cut It Up Def Miami Bass Jams (20th Anniversary)
Dynamix 1+1, Jock D & Jealous J, Cha-os... classic jams.

cuidv2-003: Cha-os / Records, Turntables
This one's here to show off: there are supposedly only 30 on red vinyl. Check out the breakdown on "Planetary Deterioration (07 mix)".

frj1-006: Various / Florida Electro Artists, volume 2
Resident Alien's "Movement Through Thought" is in the running for my favorite track of all time. I first heard it in Electrokid's "Robot Within" mix back in the early 2000's. Not a fan of the A-side.

tb008: Eggfooyoung / Breakdance & Motivate EP
Four 808 tracks, with some ambient interludes. Stripped-down electro music. My personal favorite release from the excellent Touchin' Bass label.

xcl005: T.E.S.T. & Excel / No Disgrace in the Bass
xcl007: T.E.S.T. / Xenophobe
The entire run of Exceleration Records is worth owning. Really smooth Florida electro.

I've linked to stores or sound samples when possible, so listen and enjoy. Last but not least, thanks to Popcorn, Megaphysics and DJ 808 for keeping the night going five years in a row.



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