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## Quake 1 Dog Mode

### Credits, Sources, & License

Client side Quake C based on Arcane Dimensions by Simon O'Callaghan (Sock)
and others, original available at:

Server side Quake C based on progs_dump. Checked out the latest version
from github on 2023/04/19. Original repo can be found at:

Both above sources licensed GPL 2.0; Dog Mode is presented under the
same license.

### The Name "Dog Mode"

<@cev> the name is because of a memory I have
<@cev> back when I was playing Quake Live and duelling regularly
<@cev> me and one friend used to duel nightly and have specs come
in and out. We were early adopters of PQL so despite neither
of us being very good we'd have spectators.
<@cev> my friend was/is clan zhp ("zero hp"); I joined his clan
<@cev> as did a number of other people, including another user (let's
call them user 3) who still plays and streams Quake Champions
<@cev> One night my friend and I had been dueling for hours on Aerowalk
and user 3 joined our server and asked both of us "are you
playing those dog maps again?" and then left without an answer.
<@cev> I still remember that moment. It's enormously funny to me.
<@cev> that's why it's dog mode.

Also, Quake 1 already has a "pro" mode, and it's Quakeworld. (And Quake 3
has its own "pro" mode of course, CPM). So: "dog" mode.

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