MTT 281 / Across My Membranes

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MTT281 Spectrogram

Playing electro this week, mostly old. A couple tunes by The Egyptian Lover, a couple from Dominance Electricity, lots of old favorites & represses, plus one new track by Shawescape Renegade.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download this mix. This mix is also available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. Lazer Kontinent / Arproton 00:00
02. MC T-Rock / Future Shock (Instrumental) 03:16
03. Contactless / Robot Wreckin' Krew 06:21
04. Mandroid / Digital Contour 10:01
05. Novamen / Try To Be A Novaman 12:47
06. Go Nuclear / Techno World (Extended Mix) 15:48
07. Shawescape Renegade / Reconstruct 21:05
08. Uncle Jamm's Army / Dial-A-Freak 24:13
09. Kraftwerk / House Phone 27:51
10. Paul Hardcastle / King Tut 32:08
11. Twilight 22 / Electric Kingdom (Vocal) 35:53
12. The Egyptian Lover / Dance Floor 40:05
13. Eggfooyoung / Pop And Lock 43:04
14. Professor X / Professor X (Saga) 46:39
15. Sbassship / Solaris 50:10
16. Dagobert / Basshunter 53:39
17. World Class Wreckin Crew / World Class Mega Mix (Instrumental) 58:56

The one new track in this hour is #7 Reconstruct by Shawescape Renegade from the Reconstruct Your Mind EP released around a month and a half ago. I played the K-1 Remix off it for MTT 271, right when it came out. Strong recommendation for this EP, all four tracks are great.

The two other relatively recent tracks here are #3 Robot Wreckin' Krew by Contactless from the Static EP on Unknown To The Unknown and #6 Techno World (Extended Mix) by Go Nuclear on Electro Empire. 2018 and 2017 respectively. Both fit the theme nicely, the Contactless in particular is the robot funk I'm looking for.

I tried to lower the buffer time / latency in my DVS software for this recording & had a couple glitches as a result. (Lowered from 8 ms to 6 ms for the record). Let that be a lesson: when you have an instrument that works, don't mess with it.

I'm writing this one up quick so that's all I've got for notes. Enjoy the classics & check out the links above if you hear something you like. I'll be back next week at my usual time with another mix. Something slower, I'm thinking around 120.


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