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MTT273 Spectrogram

Moving through a few styles today from electro & IDM/electronica to a couple of synthwave-y pieces to some more restrained synth-y material. A few long tracks (by John Selway and Mikron among others) and recent purchases (John Selway again and Scape One).

This mix is no longer available for download from this website. It is however available at mixcloud.

No. Artist / Title Start
01. DBP / Runout 08.05 00:00
02. John Selway / Light Language 02:21
03. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe (AE35 Remix) 07:20
04. Scape One / Unearthly Destination 11:16
05. Space Dimension Controller / Spanner Cord (Monolith Remix) 14:26
06. Reedale Rise / Kae 17:37
07. Flow.Machine / Funky Flow 21:48
08. Clatterbox / Jet Set [A Monorail To Your Star] 25:20
09. Elecktroids / Mystery World 29:00
10. Mitch Murder / Night Shift 32:25
11. Ben Businovski / Midnight Cruise 36:11
12. Brothomstates / Outro 40:15
13. Galaxy Toobin' / The Day Of The Duel Is Approaching 42:27
14. Rising Sun Systems / Freebasin' For David Bohm 47:01
15. Mikron / Ghost Node 51:49
16. Matt Whitehead / Home To Glory 57:10
17. Scape One / Right Ascension 60:27

Track #2 Light Language by John Selway (from the EP of the same name) and track #4 Unearthly Destination by Scape One (from his remastered Stellar Remnants album) are both new-to-me, recent purchases from the last few weeks. That Selway Light Language EP is particularly interesting, it sounds fresh, somehow different from a lot of modern electro. And Scape One is always solid of course, playing his work always makes me happy.

Galaxy Toobin's self-titled LP has, slowly and over time, become one of my favorites to put on and space out to. Track #13 The Day Of The Duel Is Approaching is a good example of what the album sounds like, buzzy warm synths and background percussion. I think I'll try to write a piece on this one soon, as I'm always recommending it to people.

I started late today so this'll have to do for notes. Thanks for listening, check out the albums linked above & if something grabs your ear please consider picking it up. I'll be back next week at my usual time with this month's "slow" set, something to easy to close out May.


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