Footwear Repairs By Craftsmen At Competitive Prices

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Footwear Repairs By Craftsmen At Competitive Prices, the collected music videos of Underworld 1993-1997. Released 1998 on Wax Trax! & TVT Records. Music by Underworld, videos credited to various directors (see table below), art by tomato, packaged by biobox. VHS, NTSC standard, ~90 minutes long. x264 NTSC SD video + flac 16bit/44.1khz audio, 1.8G, archived on DVD+R media.

Youtube videos linked in this article feature rapidly flashing images and strobing lights. Please avoid the links if that bothers you.

No.Artist / Title Video Credited To BPMDur.
01. Underworld / Rez Robert Shackleton 12709:52
02. Underworld / Spikee Graham Wood 13512:53
03. Underworld / Spoonman Graham Wood 12510:56
04. Underworld / Dark Train J. Hollis & G. Wood 13509:43
05. Underworld / Most 'Ospitable D. Van Dooren & G. Wood 11006:08
06. Underworld / Cowgirl R. Shackleton & G. Wood 12708:29
07. Underworld / Oich Oich Graham Wood 13005:51
08. Underworld / Dirty Epic John Warwicker 12009:58
09. Underworld / Pearl's Girl D. Kendle & G. Wood 14004:21
10. Underworld / Banstyle Dylan Kendle 16003:56
11. Underworld / Born Slippy Graham Wood 14004:26
12. Underworld / Moaner Graham Wood 14004:10

This is sort of a hits collection, a tape of most of the big Underworld tunes from the '90s. I'm an Underworld fan, have been since I picked up Dubnobasswithmyheadman on a whim back in high school. Listening to some of these songs again today it struck me how much of the lyrics seem to be about addiction, how I didn't really notice that in my teenage years, how I felt drawn to the words anyway.

As far as the videos go, if you've ever wondered what the cover of an Underworld album would look like in motion, this is it. Layered pictures, text, concert footage, and sketchy animation flash by in video collage. Quickly and slowly, hazy and clear. Strobing lights & video effects. Somewhere a typographer is either curious or very upset; possibly both. That's most of the tape, apart from Rez which features more animation and Banstyle & Moaner which are solely live action.

I'm no designer, filmmaker, or visual artist so I'm not really equipped to evaluate the tape in that way. I will say that I think these videos are cool as hell and very of their time, very '90s. The videos for Cowgirl, Dark Train, and Spikee are my favorites in the collection I think, I like the pacing and mixture of elements of those three the most.

So as a VHS tape this isn't easily available; you can find copies for sale thru Discogs and perhaps eBay. The contents, the music videos themselves, have all been uploaded to youtube (and I've linked them in the tracklist above and the screengrabs below). There appear to be several mostly-complete youtube playlists as well; any of those would be a fair way to get the experience of watching the tape.

Posting because I've been thinking about this release a bit lately and because I still love it. (Still love Dubnobasswithmyheadman too).


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